N. Ramamurthy @ Hyd on 17 feb 2020

Review the latest concerts you have listened to.
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#1 N. Ramamurthy @ Hyd on 17 feb 2020

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N.. Ramamurthy @ Sri Sadguru Thyagaraja Aradhana Utsava Samithi, Anandbagh, Hyd on 16.02.2020

In 2018, our forumite Rajeshnat had posted about this vidwan from Hyd and explained about his lineage etc, in the below post
viewtopic.php?f=13&t=33125&p=352081&hil ... hy#p352081

Sri. NR has a wonderful voice. As a person he is very humble, appears calm inspite of managing a hectic schedule, balancing his office responsibilities as a senior executive as well as his music commitments & concerts. Last Saturday evening @ 6 PM, by chance (luckily) I came to know that he was going sing in a place nearby, in another hour. I was very delighted as the venue is walkable(3-4 min) for me and also that I was free that evening. The sabha organizing the concert normally are leisurely and arrange to start any concert only by 7.30 PM. That day also, as some veda pandit was visiting, and was asked to give a short lecture on the greatness of Sadhguru Thyagaraja swamy. It went on for nearly an hour. After that when the actual concert started it was past 7.50, but NR started with a big bang and sang till 10.10 PM.

R. Dinakar (vio), DSR Murthy (mri), Saraswathula Hanumatha Rao (ghatam) & Syamkumar (kanjira)

Song list
1. meru samana – mayamalava gowla (Sw @meru)
2. Nada tanumanisam – chitta ranjani
3. Rama nannu brovara (R, N&[email protected]) - harikambhoji
4. Evarikkai avatharamethithivo – deva manohari
5. paraloka sadhaname manasa - Purvi Kalyani (R, [email protected], long rounds)
6. oka paari joodaka radha - kalavathi
7. daasarathi nee ruNamu - Todi (R, elaborate N & then [email protected] bhakthi leni kavi jaalavareNyulu
8. Tani
9. Srirama jayarama srungara - Yadhukula Kambhoji
10. Badalika theera pavvalinchave – reethi gowla
11. LAliyugave maapali - neelambari
12. Mangalam

The brisk ‘meru samana’ set the pace for all the artistes on stage. The wonderful camaraderie that prevailed throughout the concert was another reason that there was not a dull moment inspite of the lateness of the hours. Every krithi was rendered with so much of ‘sahithya bhavam’. We enjoyed the excellent manodharmam displayed. His clear diction and appropriate pauses during the neraval and other places brought out the essence of the saint composer v well. (Only it seemed as if Harikhamboji was walking with me that week, because out of the 6 concerts that I attended, 4 had harikhamboji & that too 3 of ‘entha rani’.) The excellent purvikalyani kriti was a rare one for me. The unhurried and serene Todi main was really soothing. Again after the tani avarthanam & speeches, song item #s 9, 10 & 11 evoked a sense of calm and peace. As the mike settings were apt for all the 5 vidwans on the stage (unlike when main artistes subdue the accompanists sometimes) the effect was vibrant and pleasing! Basically, it was A soul-stirring kucheri 👌

His parents were sitting with us, with so much of patience & grace; not even a frown looking at the unnecessary, prolonged delays. Afterwards his mother was mentioning that even his father sings at home regularly.
Next morning, after the pancharatna seva lead by NR & 2 others in another sabha, during the 1-song slots, we got a bonus to listen to Ramamurthy garu singing 'Emana dichevo' in sahana+ his father's rendition of 'evarani' & his daughter's 'mithri bhagyame'.

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#2 Re: N. Ramamurthy @ Hyd on 17 feb 2020

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Sivakami avl,
A very good write up. Selection of songs is good. After many years enjoyed your excellent review of concerts in Hyderabad.
With wishes,
21 02 2020

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#3 Re: N. Ramamurthy @ Hyd on 17 feb 2020

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Nice of you to hear a vidwan from hyderabad land. You heard 2 back to back concerts of Sreevalsan and N Ramamurthy Wow. N ramamurthy is the direct disciple generation of Poochi-Ariyakudi still yet to get adulterated with any latest anavsiyam , With all sadguru thyagaraja krithis this must have been a treat as his musical sincerity would have been higher. Particularly the song badalika theera in reetigowlai , i have heard only once in a live concert as a early submain like , he has dropped that number as a tukkada too.

Tx this vidwan is slowly moving steadily from tippirajapuram village to ambattur suburb to hyderabad land in this rasikas.org land. He had one concert in season in Arkays during last dec 2019 season which I could not attend . Best wishes to Hyderabad N Ramamurthy .

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