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Review the latest concerts you have listened to.
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#1 Hyd - Ramakrishnan Murthy

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173rd Thyagaraja aradhana & 30th Annual festival of the Sharada Cultural Trust, Secunderabad.

Ramakrishnan Murthy on 14th Feb 2020
Accompaniments: Vittal Rangan, Delhi Sairam, N. Guruprasad

List of Songs
1. Valachi vachi – navaraga malika varnam
2. Chera ravademira – reethi gowla, S @ chera..
3. Birana brova – kalyani (N & S @ nee padha pankajamu)
4. Maayammayani nE pilachite – ahiri
5. Maamayura meedhil eri vaa – bilahari – mazhavai Chidambara Bharathi
6. Pakkala nilabadi – kharaharapriya ( R, N& S @ manasuna thalachi )
7. Tani
8. Manavi Alakincha raadhate –nalinakanthi
9. RTP on ‘love’ – It was announced that it was a Composition of K. Arun Prakash.
R: Kamavardhini, T for 8 min.K amavardhini, Khamas & kapi and reverse order;
Pallavi: “paarthadhum manam mayanginen, paavaiyin paarvaiyai paarthadhum..”
swaras in Kamavardhini, Ananda bhairavi, Saveri & SIndhu bhairavi

10. Smara sundaranguni sari evvare – javaLi- paras- Dharmapuri Subbaraaya Aiyar
11. Slokam in 3 ragams, darbari kannada –“ayi murali mukunda..”
Madhyamavati- ???
& dwijavanti –“ sruthva gunaan bhuvanan sundara …”
12. taruNijnyAn endu ceyyu hanta mAmakadayinennE marannO – dwijavanti- Swati tirunaL
13. oruthi maganaai pirandhu
14. Tillana
15. Mangalam
Although I started typing this sometime ago, I took this long to finish, as there has been series of concerts and other commitments. I also waited expecting that someone else may write. Seeing nothing about this fantastic kutcheri, I decided to post now, thinking “Better late than never’; Our forumites are quite understanding.

WAH! WAH! WAH!! What a kucheri!!
This was the second time I attended RKM’s Live performance. When he began the concert to a full house on a Friday evening, the expectations of the crowd (with lot of youngsters) was obvious. RKM along with his brilliant team fulfilled their desires to more than 100 %, with his selection of songs, raga alapanas, flowing swarams like the cascading waterfalls. The electrified atmosphere and the standing ovation of 100s of rasikas after the kucheri at 10 PM was proof enough for that. The beautiful rapport between the artistes on stage, and sweet (with mischievous, brahmachari cheshtai-ish smiles) exchanges between RKM & VR made it a delightful experience. When he announced that he was going to present a RTP on Love, some rasikas started wondering, and later it dawned that it was Valentine’s day. He said the pallavi line in tamil, roughly translated to “ as she gazed at me, I lost my heart”. The slokams were outstanding, that too in my favorite Dwijavanthi and the Swati tirunaal’s composition in Malayalam (again my favorite language) was ultimate for me. Compared to all these, the Ahiri kriti was not upto his mark, I felt.
Overall an excellent kutcheri!!

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#2 Re: Hyd - Ramakrishnan Murthy

Post by rshankar »

Awesome review of (what seems to have been) a fabulous concert, Sivakami! Thank you for sharing.

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#3 Re: Hyd - Ramakrishnan Murthy

Post by rajeshnat »

I have heard this pallavi sung by TM krishna in skgs around 2010 to 2012 which i reviewed. Tx sivakami for your review

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#4 Re: Hyd - Ramakrishnan Murthy

Post by arasi »

How I wish, as always, that the twin cities hold many more concerts--just to hear from you :)

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#5 Re: Hyd - Ramakrishnan Murthy

Post by sivakami »

@ rshankar, rajeshnat & arasi, thanjavooran (in another post) & all others,
Thanks very much for all the good words & encouragement.
Just writing these reports to say that kucheris do happen in the twin cities too..

There are many more learned rasikas from hyd, who also maybe members in this forum. Many say that they are in our FB group, but are not aware of this forum. I just want to initiate the post. Hoping that one day there'll be more inputs.

Respected arasi Madam, out of the many kucheris that happen in hyd-sec, we get prior information about around 70% ; I think I attend only 30-40% nowadays. This aradhana season, I was glad that I've been able to attend quite a few. So I'm hoping to post about few more events soon.

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#6 Re: Hyd - Ramakrishnan Murthy

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I can understand his "love" RTP as it is a precursor for his marriage in May 2020.

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#7 Re: Hyd - Ramakrishnan Murthy

Post by sivakami »

grsastrigal wrote:
03 Mar 2020, 12:13
I can understand his "love" RTP as it is a precursor for his marriage in May 2020.
Some were actually discussing, RTP & slokams from Rukmini sandesam, is it an :D expression of him already engaged to some girl, or was he searching for someone ;) :lol:
Now you're saying his marriage is in May.
We wish him Good Luck!

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