Duddu Radhika - Hyderabad

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#1 Duddu Radhika - Hyderabad

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173rd Thyagaraja Aradhana & 31st Annual Music Festival
@ Sri Sadguru Thyagaraja Aradhana Utsava Samithi, Anandbagh, Hyd

16th Feb 2020

Duddu Radhika _vocal
R. Dinakar – violin
P. Jayabhaskar – mridangam
Saraswathula Hanumanth Rao – ghatam

Song list:
1. Entharani thana - Harikhamboji, N & S @ seshukku sivunikki
2. Samsaarulayithe nemayya (adi)- Saveri,
3. Bhajare bhaja manasa, ramam - Kannada -(R 3min, vio 2 min, no sw)
4. Bantu reethi - Hamsa nadham (R -8 min vio 4 min, N&S @ rama namamane vara khadgamivi)
5. tatvameruga tarama - Garudadhwani (roopakam) sw @ tatvameruga
6. Lalithe -bhairavi (R 11min, vio 8 min, [email protected] theliyani baluda kadha)
7. Tani
8. Kshanamaduna narayanam- Hamsanandi – from Jayadeva ashtapadhi (similar to Hyd Bros)
9. Tunga teera virajam – Yamuna kalyani –kamalesha vittaladasa
10. Mangalam

This kutcheri was in the same venue where N. Ramamurthy had performed the previous day. As I had mentioned earlier, this sabha’s organisers are leisurely. So, this program started at around 7.35 PM. But from the first note of ‘entharani..’, she proceeded with those Thyagaraja’s krithis with quick succession of brigas and gamakas freely flowing, keeping the audience engrossed. Her voice is unique (I think it is somewhat like Manda Sudharani). Hailing from Vishakhpatnam, a native of AP state, her flawless pronunciation enhanced the bhakthi-sahithya bhavam. She has been performing in Chennai and other places also. Her presentations, like her guru Smt. Indira Kameswara Rao madam are abundant with melody. I enjoyed each and every piece immensely. Added to that, the accompanying team (of a similar age group) provided excellent support by playing along with/after her, as and when required. 'Samsaarulayithe', the rare kriti with its tongue-twisting lyrics, was beautifully spoken in saveri. It was interesting to watch her little daughter (~ 8-9 yrs old) sing along, the songs that she knew. Next, reminding of the great Maestro Balamurali Krishna garu, 'tatavameruga' was another delight. The short ‘bhajare’ a nice filler. Her vocal skills were fully brought out during the submain & bhairavi-main.
It was a Typical, Andhra-Special Vindu!!
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#2 Re: Duddu Radhika - Hyderabad

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interesting mix of rare and popular songs
Harikamboji always adds classicism to a concert but sadly it is not often chosen

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#3 Re: Duddu Radhika - Hyderabad

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You can stil edit add date also to the main title of the post please like Duddu Radhika @Hyderabad on March xy 2020.

I have not even heard saMsArulaitE in sAveri at all. May be it is only known to andhra based artist like voleti, Nedanuri ,BMK or semi-andhra based artist like TRS mamA. tx for your review

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#4 Re: Duddu Radhika - Hyderabad

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Very interesting and catching review. IMO all vidwans from Andhra 'vak spashtam'. One can note down the lyrics.
With wishes,
O4 03 2020

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