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#1 Hyd -CSES - Priya Sisters

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21st Annual Cultural Festival & Aradhana of Satguru Sri Thyagaraja Swamy of
Sri Chandrasekharendra Sangeeta Educational Society

Priya sisters on 21st Feb 2020
M A Krishnaswamy
Sai Giridhar
B S Purushottham

Song list
1. Vanajaksha – varnam in reethigowla
2. Sugunamule - chakravaakam, [email protected] sugunamule
3. Sarasa saamadaana – Kapi narayani
4. Kapaali - Mohanam ( R: 7 min, vio 4 min, long [email protected] karunai nilavu pozhivadhana madhiyan, jaganmohana kapaali; [email protected] kapaali) – Papanasam sivan
5. Sri mathrubhootham – kannada - MD
6. Naakun cheppare (R: 10 min, vio 6min, [email protected] pallavi line) - annamacharya
7. Shanmukhapriya RTP (R : 10 min, Vio- 6 min, Tanam- 6 min)
Pallavi (composed by their guru TRS garu): Tatha dhimi, takka dhimi, tadhimi yani sada, shivudu bahu chakkagaa natanamu aade -
Swara raga malika in nattai kurinji, suddha dhanyasi, Shree (of Hindustani system they explained in telugu, the speciality of this ragam)
8. Indira ramanu decchi – sivaranjani - annamacharya
9. Slokam – bhasma rudraksha dharyO .....so poignant!
10. Kailasa girinundi - SrI dEvulapalli Krishna Shastry
11. Mangalam

On the sivaratri day, this was a special treat for the rasikas of the twin cities, with kritis on Lord Siva were elaborately rendered. By the time I reached, no seats were available; I managed to squeeze in a corner seat somehow. The whole atmosphere was filled with devotion and eagerness to listen to the popular duo. The sisters in their inimitable style took us on a soulful sojourn from Mylapore via Tiruchirapalli, Tirupathi till Kailasagiri, with a highlight show of Siva’s thandavam. MAK garu’s violin returns and the percussionists’ omakara nadham added further feel. Even after the mangalam, the crowd did not start moving, as if expecting a sivaratri-akaandam.
Hara haraa! Haraharaa!! Haraharaa!!
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#2 Re: Hyd -CSES - Priya Sisters

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What is the ragam of Naakku Jeppare?

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HarishankarK wrote:
08 Mar 2020, 07:14
What is the ragam of Naakku Jeppare?
I couldn't guess, also was engrossed in the beautiful lyrics
Googling , found its 'sankarabharanam'.
But I'm not sure..
Came across this audio upload,

https://www.4shared.com/mp3/SgBvzLjh/na ... srgr_.html

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#4 Re: Hyd -CSES - Priya Sisters

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Naakun Cheppare in Ragam Vagdeeswari.

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SushantS wrote:
08 Mar 2020, 20:52
Naakun Cheppare in Ragam Vagdeeswari.
Thanks SushantS,
I too later thought it was vagadeeswari, but wasn't sure.

Some stalwart has tuned beautifully in this ragam! Have to find out who it must be.
I was also very glad that, from the above audio link, I got to listen Srirangam Gopalaratnam garu's sweet rendition. Am also wondering if her Guruji Dr.Sripada Pinakapani Garu may have tuned this..?

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