Hyd- CSES - Trichur Brothers

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#1 Hyd- CSES - Trichur Brothers

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21st Annual Cultural Festival & Aradhana of Satguru Sri Thyagaraja Swamy of
Sri Chandrasekharendra Sangeeta Educational Society

Trichur Brothers on 22nd Feb 2020
Sai Raksheet
Trichur Mohan
Kovai Suresh

Song List:
1. ‘Gajananam bhootha..’ slokam in khamas
2. Mathe malayadwaja - 3 speeds
3. Nee dayaradha– vasanthabhairavi, (N & [email protected] Rama rama thyagaraja hruth sadana)
4. Santhamulekha, (R sketch, all the charanams were rendered, Sw pallavi line)
5. Slokam ‘Raamaya ......namo jagananda karakaya’ in nattai followed by “Jagananda karaka”, (after all the charanams, [email protected] indraneela..)
6. Vandanamu raghu nandana – sahana
7. RTP in Revathi, composed in Rudraprayag by Brahmasri Nochur Venkatrama Iyer, Pallavi: “Rudra Prayaga Sutheertha Swarupane paramane, gaNgaNa gaNitha..” – khanda jathi triputa
8. Tani – 20 min, (reminding of dancing of Lord siva)
9. Marathi Bhajan – Yamuna kalyani
10. Mangalam

This kucheri was on a Saturday. With a large number of fans for the T. Bros here at Hyd, there was no question of getting a seat, unless we went in early. Yes, it was so... Once the artistes were seated on the dais & the troubles with the acoustic settings sorted out (to the satisfaction of the artistes after nearly 45 min or so), the concert commenced at around 7.10 PM. The tempo picked-up after the varnam and kept the audience engaged till the end, which was rounded off by the audience with a standing ovation for nearly 2-3 min. Only during the kriti, sAnthamu lekha, what was sAntham and hence Sowkhyam till the charanams, became otherwise after those prolonged rounds of extended swarams. Some felt it spoiled the whole mood of the song, the lyrics and the ragam that has been selected by the composer to be sung. Then someone joked saying, perhaps this was an added effort (like the proverb goes, ‘Two mangoes in one shot’) to show how life can become asowkhyam when there is no santham. Special applause to young Sai Raksheet, another youngster from Kanyakumari amma’s school for the very sweet accompaniment and the cheerful, everlasting smile. Keep it up!

Excellent Mridangam by their father Sri. Mohan garu as always and Kovai Suresh on ghatam elevated the concert. It is heartening to note that, even in Hyd, more and more youngsters are coming and staying throughout and go to throng the stage to interact with the artistes afterwards. I observed this trend not only that day, even other days, such as Jayanthi Kumaresh, J A Jayant and others too.. Thanks to social media and the variety of uploads of snippets or full concerts or lessons etc., as well as the numerous live web-casts!

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#2 Re: Hyd- CSES - Trichur Brothers

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They started at 07 10 what time they closed the concert

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#3 Re: Hyd- CSES - Trichur Brothers

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rajeshnat wrote:
10 Mar 2020, 13:09
They started at 07 10 what time they closed the concert
They sang almost till 9.55 - 10 PM

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#4 Re: Hyd- CSES - Trichur Brothers

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Really Revathi ?? For RTP?
I find Revathi ragam to be very one note feel
Dunno why Kerala artistes have affinity for ragas like Revathi or Behag for RTP

I prefer RTP always in carnatic ragams

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