Hyd - D. Vamsi Krishna (son & disciple of Sri D. Raghavachari)vocal

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#1 Hyd - D. Vamsi Krishna (son & disciple of Sri D. Raghavachari)vocal

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Kalasagaram Youth Festival of Music


D. Vamsi Krishna (son & disciple of D. Raghavachari) - vocal
T. Lakshmi Apoorva (Disciple of Smt. Radhika Srinivasan, Sec-bad) - violin
T. P. Balasubramanian – Mridangam

Kalasagaram, Sec-bad has the tradition of having a 3-day Youth festival of Music in February and a 3-day Youth festival Dance in March, every year. They invite young and upcoming artistes from the state as well as other states to perform in these events. This kucheri was on the 2nd day, and I could attend only this concert. It was a short duration, 90 min. program.

Song list:
1. Ninne bhajana – nattai
2. Ekkaalatthilum maravene ini naan - Nattaik kurinji – Ramasami sivan (R – 4 min, no S)
3. Theliya leru rama –dhenuka - T
4. O rajeevaksha- Arabhi – T (R, S @ pallavi line)
5. E thaavunara – Kalyani (R, N &S @seetha, gowri vaageeswariyanu)
6. Short tani
7. Rama naamame thudhi - Desh – thanjavur Sankara Iyer
8. Ramuni maravakave O manasaa – kedara gowla -T

Having listened to his Chennai kutcheri videos, I had been waiting to attend a live concert. Although he has been performing here, I had not been attend his earlier local concerts. That too, after knowing that he is the son of Sri. D. Raghavachari garu (Hyd Bros), my desire became stronger. He began the concert with this nattai kriti, similar to their elders’ tradition. Brisk chittai swarams followed by charanams and kalpanaswarams were very impressive. His voice is somewhat like his father’s younger days of the 1980s. Next when he sang nattaikkurinji alapana, I was trying to guess which kriti he might have chosen, longing for ‘manasu vishaya’. But was taken by pleasant surprise when he started ‘ekkalatthilum’. Then I recalled, that recently, the Hyd Bros also had rendered in SCES elaborately. VK also presented this kriti with clear diction, which I enjoyed immensely. Thyagaraja kritis were rendered very well in their (Hyd Bros) unique paddhathi. His O rajeevaksha with its lilting-type lyrics and fast-beat swarams was very delightful. Next, the main item was grand. TPB played a really short tani , possibly he wanted to give ample time for the young vocalist. His excellent mridangam support throughout, also made the kucheri more lively. Another thamizh song in desh was a bonus. As Kalasagaram has tamil-speaking members predominantly, it looked like he had selected 2 thamizh songs. The young violinist Lakshmi Apoorva played very well, keeping to the time limits, yet covering all the octaves, considering her young age & limited experience. As there was a Veena concert to follow, VK stopped after item # 8. I felt as if I was asked to get-up half way while enjoying a delicious meal. Hoping to attend more of his concerts here at Hyd!!

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