Review the latest concerts you have listened to.
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Aiswarya and Soundarya- Great grand daughters of Bharat Rathna M.S. Subbalakshmi presented a highly impressive face book concert for Nada Tarangani Academy at 7 P.M on 31 May with only sruti accompaniment. The list of songs are as under.

Sahana varnam
• Vachamagocharame- Kaikavasi- T
• Nadaloludai- Kalyanasavasantham- T (R)
• Durusuga- Saveri. SS (R,N,S).
• Vachanadalli namamrita tumbi- Basavanna vachana- Abheri
• Hari main to lakh yathn kar hari- Desh- Meera bhajan
• English Note
• Jo Achutananda- Kapi- Annamacharya
• Mangalam

The sisters have impressed lakhs of viewers with their line up of face book concerts during this period of lock down and I consider this one concert as one of their best in this season. They always show dedication, coordination, proper diction, fidelity to sruti and the sisters do not simply depend upon M.S repertoire. They are constantly updating their kitty as in this concert- Nadaloludai was never sung by M.S and Radha Viswanathan. Raga alapana of Kalyanavasantham and Saveri were very well presented with the characteristic pidis of the ragam coming out naturally and they used abundant gamakams and brighas to embellish the raga alapana. Both have got a voice that has melody, power and malleability. In Durusuga, Neraval at Paramapavani kripavani vinuta pada saroja Pranatharthi haru rani and the cascade of swaras in two kalams were shared by both the sisters. This is the first time I heard Soundarya sharing the neraval swarams. The sisters do have identical voices and Soundarya is definitely climbing up the ladder. The tail end items- all M.S popularised songs were rendered with full dedication and finesse. The Basavanna vachana is new to me.

The concert attracted a viewership of more than 18k. Pl see the following link. ... 584042152/

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Thank you CRama for your expeditious review. :)
While most concerts of S.Aishwarya and S.Saundarya in this Lockdown period have been thematic, the kutcheri for "Natana Tarangini Academy" was a conventional Carnatic concert. The Basavanna Vachana "Vachanadalli Naamaamrita Tumbi" was learnt from Sangitha Kala Acharya Vidushi Smt Neela Ramgopal.
My daughters were actually supposed to be on a 70 day US tour starting from mid March 2020 which was thankfully cancelled. However they have been kept more than busy with the online concerts on social media which have also had a huge viewership & one of the reasons is that the S.Aishwarya Facebook Page is followed by over 210000 music lovers. The benefit concert for Mohan Foundation was one to cherish as they were able to collect funds over Rs 4 lakhs through the concert for a noble cause of "Organ Donation".
Another interesting live concert was the one for the "Arunagirinathar Benevolent Association" Mauritius for Chitra Pournami Kavadi on May 7th with mainly songs on Lord Murugan and this kutcheri was also broadcast live on Radio Mauritius and reached all the citizens of the Island Nation. One of the highest viewed concerts was the "11 Languages" Thematic concert on April 26th (Akshaya Trithiyae) which was viewed by over 86000 people and with a reach of 237000. So also, the "Film Hits of MSS" which was for "Sarvamangala Music Productions" was very popular and in this program for the song "Premayil" the portion for Smt MSS was sung by S.Aishwarya and for Sri GNB was sung by S.Saundarya.
There are already 4 concerts lined up for June 2020 and we are looking forward for the same.
Please find below a picture of last evening's concert (31st May 2020)

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@2 ->@cienu
Dear Sir,
The benefit concert for Mohan Foundation was one to cherish as they were able to collect funds over Rs 4 lakhs through the concert for a noble cause of "Organ Donation".
Good Work for a Good Cause. Thank you.
I submit that the sisters give a live well-publicized benefit concert in Facebook, in June 2020 , for the Tamilnadu State Govt's fund for its grand effort in confining the spread of covid in congested areas of North Chennai and Thiruvellore. , curing and eradicating the virus from the city.
TN state is doing very good work. The latest figures for 1-6-2020
Total persons affected: 25,000
,, ,, under treatment: 10,000
,, ,, CURED 13,000
,, ,, passed away : 185
They can give another fund-raising benefit concert either through
youtube or facebook, for helping the needy artistes in CM at Chennai.
it is the gesture of solidarity and sympathy that matters.
It is a good thing that the concert tour to USA was cancelled. Covid is not the only problem there now. The diaspora can be reached through Facebook / Youtube . ( on streaming, payment basis).
As a well-wisher, I too would suggest that the sisters sing a lot of new krithis not sung by Smt. M.S . It will be a mark of respect to the sacred memory of their great great-grand mother and great grand-father.
Wishing them ALL THE BEST.

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