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Spoorthi Rao is an upcoming musician honing her skills under Ranjani Gayathri duo. I heard her last season and covered her in my review of up and coming musicians. A child prodigy, Spoorthi is a household name for millions as she is the title winner of Airtel Super singer Season Four.

Pl see the following link

The concert was held under the aegis of Samarpana and Ministry of Culture, Govt of India. The music of Spoorthi is delectable for her melodious voice, confidence, dedication, sruti sudham and richness in content. The following is the list of songs.
Swaminatha paripalaya- Nata- MD (S)
• Nee irangayenil- Athana- PS
• Mokshamugalada- Saramathi-T (R)
• Gnanamosaga rada- Poorvikalyani- T (R,N,S)
• Kurai ondrum illai- Ragamalika

Spoorthi is definitely making her Gurus Ranjani Gayathri proud with her dedication, finesse, and stage presence at this young age. Her voice bears close resemblance to her Guru Ranjani. IN this concert, she displayed her manodhrmam adequately in the neraval at Paramathmudu Jeevathmudu and swara segement for Swaminatha paripalaya and Gnanamosaga rada. The raga alapanas of Saramathi and Poorvikalyani were elaborate never missing on the characteristic sancharams. There was an appreciable vishranthi in her music- very rarely seen in singers of her age. The alapana, and kritis were totally unhurried. Kurai ondrum illai brought the curtain down.

It is really challenging for the musicians to sing without accompaniments. Spoorthi carried that with aplomb. The viewership is nearing 100k. Please listen to the concert in the following link.

https://www.facebook.com/indiaculture.g ... 563593765/

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