TM Krishna at the Music Academy, Dec 27, 2007

Review the latest concerts you have listened to.
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Thanks Sathej.

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Hi! This is my first ever post on rasikas, although I have been a member for sometime. (I have to admit I forgot I was a member for several months after registering, and rediscovered it only recently!). I shall try to be more visible from now on!

The reviews of TMK's MA concert seem awesome, and I can't wait for the audio release by Rajalakshmi, whenever that is (April in cleveland?, did I read correctly).

I have heard TMK live only once in Delhi, a couple of years ago, organised by the Shanmukhananda Sangeeta Sabha. Since then, I haven't been in India long enough to catch decent music. I am presently in Paris, where ICM seems to be non-existent (more dance than music).

I am really envious of all of you in Chennai who have had the chance to listen to such wonderful music over these past few weeks. The last truly decent concert I got to hear was Gayatri Venkataraghavan in Singapore almost a year ago, where her main piece was kharaharapriya/chakkani raja. I still remember that concert.

Anyway, just thought I'd pop in and say hullo, and thanks for reviews such as this. :) Happy new year to all of you, and may you be able to listen to wonderful music all year through!

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After the onslaught from TMK, dejected, I moved around Mylapore Karpagambal temple for an early morning darshan (Margazhi) and observed the following:

1) Papanasam Rukmani Ramani's early morning Bhajan team singing PS Kritis
2)Group of Veda Group chanting Vishnu S and all other Sukthams.
3) Jnananda Bhajan Mandali doing bhajan on the other side.
4) Couple of other unknown team doing religious bhajans......

Coming to Ambal, I listened to the excellant K.Vasantham by Oaduvar of a verse from Abirami Andhadhi (singing MaRai in front of Ambal, traditionally, as we know). I thought of sharing with the rasigas. It is less than 20 seconds but melted me...really.

I went with him to Subramhanyar Sannidhi and got an opportunity to lisen to his Darbari Kannada of Tiruppugaz

I thought of sharing with the rasikas. I hope "Kshipraprasidhini" would not object uploading this. Oaduvar already agreed to upload this, for the kind info.

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Sumathi: You may want to check this web site for Carnatic music concerts in Paris:

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Sathej wrote:Well, the rules state commercial recordings mustn't be uploaded. I wonder whether a recording broadcast on radio is commercial. Further, in the rules, it has been mentioned that the uploader must be informed of this first...Am not for the copyrights debate but feel the rules are rather unclear...
As far as currently performing artists are concerned, even radio recordings cannot be shared without their permission here. Thanks for the understanding.

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Do the artists who claim proprietiriel right over thier singing the kritis of trinity or any other composers for that matter pay royalty to their decendants or to the organisations which propogate the legacies left by the poor composers of yester years. Can any one give a list of those who considers this mute point, ecepting participating in the ANNUAL THIRUVAYYARU UTSAVAM AND pose for the video coverage as ritual.

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Post by sumathi »

thanks for the link, samanth. I shall most certainly try to catch the next concert here!

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Post by vageyakara »


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Hi The song Mari Mari Khamboji ragam song rendered by TMK is no doubt good but I think it pales in compariion with the rendition of the same by Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna... I did hear the M.A. concert of TMK live... Bye Ragjay

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I am a fan of Dr. Balamuralikrishna. But in my view, BMK's interpretation of a weighty raga like Kamboji of BMK ?? can be tough to hear. The rendition of Alathur Brothers of this classic Kamboji krithi is one of the classics, especially in a sangathi rich krithi. The Pallavi itself has so many sangathis.

I heard TMK render this krithi at Music Academy the last season. His rendition was very good.
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I attended this concert in the academy too and it was out of the world. In fact, I was planning to request him to sing the same when he is in NJ becos I want my husband to hear it too:) I hope they can take requests for the main piece..
And that said, I'm sure many artistes have rendered this wonderfully and its an individuals opinion as to whose is best depending on what their ears were looking for :)

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Mari mari Ninne is no doubt the Magnum Opus.This is the sangathi-laden kriti which is rarely heard.I have heard from only 3 ,Althoor school,SKN.Mani Krishnasamy and now with TMK.(delivered exccedingly well having learnt and practised the hard way).
*Honestly,do we get the same ragabhava as we would experience with listening to Maa Janaki(MMI),O Rangasayee,Sri Subramanyaya namaste,Devi nee padasarasa(SS)and for that matter Kanakankodi vendum,Maragatha valli ,Evarimata ,Thiruvadi charanam,Emaiyarama I can not forget to mention Krishna elara(DKJ)whoever may be your favorite in the respective number.?If not why?
* I would not call it a bias - To me it looks that the technicalicality of a host of sangatis keeps the listeners and may be the artist as well(minding for the meticulous rendering befitting the rich style(Bani)from which it is being learnt )submerged not being able to appreciate/ explore the full raga bhava.I admit we must listen to this song quite frequently to form the final opinion.
* I place this to the elite forum for the views.

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Hmm, I am surprised you didn't include THE magnum opus in this list: Veena Kuppaiyer's Koniyadina na pai
I am told it is rich with sangatis and not many musicians have the courage to handle it.

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Post by balusatya »

I could best recall having heard DKP ?Nithyashree.Nothing gets registered.again due lack of familiarity/Popularity.

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DKJ sir and disciples have presented Dikshitar's navavarna kritis in a commerical release. If you listen to the Shankarabharanam piece, even though there are many sangatis in the pallavi, many of them seem to have very little variation w.r.t each other. Is TMK's version of Marimari, with 16 sangatis, similar in nature? It seems mindboggling to me that there could be 16 sangatis in the pallavi of a kriti.

As far as ragabhava is concerned, I always thought Evarimata was the ideal kriti to present the essence of Kambhoji to someone, especially the sangatis in the charanam. Also, O Rangasayi has excellent ragabhava in the mandra stayi.

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Post by arasi »

Another bhAvA laden kruti: tiruvaDi SaraNam.

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Post by balusatya »

How about pronouncing it "Charanam"?

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I feel 'SaraNam is correct; Tiruvadi itself mean the sacred feet and 'SaraNam' means 'refuge.'

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Sorry, the message was incomplete.
Charanam is foot

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#70 Re: TM Krishna at the Music Academy, Dec 27, 2007

Post by shreyas »

Someone has uploaded this concert on Youtube just yesterday. As I am not supposed to post links, just search for T M Krishna on YouTube and then sort by upload date. The Kambhoji is brilliant, but I am yet to listen completely to Purvikalyani. If only MA concerts could be 3.25 h long: then there would have been a nice RTP as well.

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#71 Re: TM Krishna at the Music Academy, Dec 27, 2007

Post by Sachi_R »

Why can't you post You Tube links? Are you doing some kind of Tapas?
I remember some posters long back.
"Smoke if you must, but don't exhale here".

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#72 Re: TM Krishna at the Music Academy, Dec 27, 2007

Post by shreyas »

My tapas was initiated by another rasikas member that told me it was risky to post TMK links that are not from recognised uploaders. I can still post it if you want...

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