Don't share copyrighted recordings

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Hi all,

I'm sure all of us know that it is neither ethical nor lawful to share all the music that we come across.

More specifically, it is particularly bad to share copyrighted music/recordings through a forum such as this which is purely meant wider dissemination of indian classical music through discussions.

Any music shared, therefore, should be non-copyrighted, non-commercial stuff. The onus of ensuring that uploaded material is non-copyrighted is on the uploader (or person who gives out the download links), and he/she will be solely responsible for any violations. Neither the administrator nor the other members of this forum will be responsible for copyright violations by a member of this forum.

If you accidentally made a copyrighted recording available for download through this forum, you can edit your post to remove the download link immediately, and the responsibility to remove such a link is solely your liability.

If you do not want to abide by the above rules, I request you to stay away from this forum.