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Classical Music of North India
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Post by vgovindan » 27 Nov 2015, 10:24

A write-up on Nikhil Banerjee, sitarist - ... kly_digest
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Post by varsha » 27 Nov 2015, 12:25

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Post by bilahari » 14 Apr 2017, 07:55

I've become a rather obsessive fan of Pt. Nikhil Banerjee's music over the past few years. To me, he represents the HM equivalent of Trivandrum Venkataraman: there is an incredible warmth in his music, and you can just feel the love that he has for both the art and the instrument in the way he handles it, and the man and his music always seem to merge when listening to him play. I wish I'd heard him in person!

Some of my favourite tracks courtesy of YouTube: (bAgESri) (jaijaiwanti - countless times I've listened to this one) (bhairavi) (yaman) (pIlu)
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