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#1 Announcing iTanpura & iLehra

Post by pupasani » 15 Mar 2010, 22:46

Two (relatively) new apps for iPhone & iPod Touch: iTanpura & iLehra

iTanpura is the first electronic tanpura for the iPhone & iPod Touch. Features include:
  • FOUR instruments in one app! Includes two 4-string tanpuras with independent pan and volume controls, a Shruti Box / Sur-Peti, plus a 15-string Swar Mandal
  • Uses sounds sampled from actual male & female tanpuras for realistic tanpura sound throughout the pitch range
    Integrated 15-string Swar Mandal. The Swar Mandal is completely tunable and can be played manually or set to auto-loop
  • Suitable for vocal or instrumental music
  • Each tanpura's first string can be tuned to Pa, Ma or Ni, or any custom note such as Re, Ga, Dha, etc
  • Or tune first string to any shruti in the octave using a slider
  • Each tanpura has its own pan and volume controls to allow precise placement within the stereo image. For example you can have a tanpura with Pa on your left and one with Ni on your right
  • PRESETS: Save all settings including pitch, each tanpura's individual tuning, pan & gain settings, as well as the Swar Mandal tuning as a named preset
See the website for more details:
or click here for a YouTube demo:

iLehra is the first electronic lehra/nagma player for the iPhone & iPod Touch. Features include:
  • Has lehras in 24 taals (more added with each version)
  • Plays lehras on either harmonium, violin, flute, or santoor
  • Extremely accurate tempo tested to within 1 milli-second
  • TAP TEMPO: just tap the beats on the bottom display and watch iLehra sync up!
  • PRESETS: save your frequently-used combinations of pitch, taal, lehra, instrument & tempo as named presets
  • Includes a beautiful tanpura auto-tuned to pitch and raag of lehra
  • Wide range of tempo from 30bpm to 300bpm
  • Each lehra has three variations for slow, medium and fast tempos for more natural-sounding lehra
  • Optional Metronome Click-track with different sounds for matras, taalis & khaalis
For more information visit:
YouTube Demo:

[email protected]

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