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Post by narayan » 01 Aug 2010, 10:05

Did anyone attend the Bolava Vitthal series by Pancham Nishad, featuring Jaytirth Mevundi and one other artiste (in Mumbai it was Rahul Deshpande), held in Pune, Nashik, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai? I attended in Mumbai and it was good although a bit frantic at points. The programme consisted of mostly (popular) abhangs, well sung, and interspersed with a verbose commentary, which I found just about acceptable/bearable, given my proclivities.

One of the interesting bits was the initial Rama Krishna Hari, Jay Jay Ram sung to a steady beat of 2 and a half starting from the sam (as opposed to one and half common to the Carnatic deshadi). Lilting.

Jaytirth Mevundi is someone we are all going to hear about (and hear, if we so choose), for a LONG time to come.
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