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#1 Bhuvanesh Komkali

Post by smala » 22 Sep 2010, 08:25

Son of Pt. Mukul Shivaputa, grandson of Pt. Kr. Gandharvaji. Trained by Vasundhara Komkali (Pt. Gandharvaji's second wife)

This one, sAnwarE aijaiyO... Bhuvanesh is outstanding. (a longer version has been sung by Pt. Vasantrao Deshpande (2nd link below)

Bhuvanesh's rendition of aijaiyO sAnwarE...mAkhan khAkE jaiyO.... and ghis ghis chandan simply exquisite. Watch the humble Dr. Ashwini Bhide at 8.21 and Padma Sri Smt. Padmaja Joglekar at 8.12 enjoy the song. There is a bespectacled gentleman with grey goatee first row, middle who is always present for Marathi concerts - can Thimma or someone identify him please --- he's in the front, seated next to some other important person on Shankar Mahadevan's Marathi concert as well...see 3rd link below.

Pt. Vasantrao Deshpande singing sAnwarE aijaiyO in two parts (15 mins. total) ... re=related ... re=related

Shankar Mahadevan's Marathi sangeet below...... Please identify the two imp. audience members
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