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ghazal in raag marwa

Classical Music of North India
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Post #1 by gobilalitha » 15 Dec 2007, 10:45

coolkarni sir, here is an extract from my diary I am not a great man to post from my diary ..but the ghazal is great .10/11/92 sangeeth saritha 7.40 am " beautiful ghazal by Hussain Baksh in raag marwa. forgot the world, deeply immersedin the song,transported to heaven(15 years passed) still living,what a beautiful voice and its modulations, THE PITY IS i HAVE NOT HEARD IT AGAIN . I did not write the song's opening lines CAN YOU HELP IN THIS REGARD?.Can you post it or give it's link ? gobilalitha
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Post #2 by coolkarni » 15 Dec 2007, 11:23
it is here..
I can understand your feelings, Sir.

After all the Whole duty of a Poem is

A poem should be , as our best ever are ,
Golden of Heart like a rose or a Star.

A poem should be, like the brook that you hear
Sing down the mountainside , lovely and clear.

Yet in its Music, a poem should hold
That which is felt but never may be told.

Arthur Gutterman.

That which is felt but never may be told.

True of Marwa ...
Yesterday , Today and Tomrrow.

No wonder you felt like that.
Please have a nice day again , today.

I recommend that you open up this page for viewing while listening ... lamalikhan

Has a sombre photo of a Sunset -An ideal backdrop for this Raga.
All you BGAK Lovers ,Please bookmark this page
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Post #3 by gobilalitha » 15 Dec 2007, 15:26

sir, wonderful .thanks.., the photos oF BGAK and sunset are awsome.. went into raptures after hearing the ghazal after 15 years .I am blessed to have such wonderful friends. for the wonderful backdrop scenery of sunset for raaga marwa,words like "breathtaking, spectacular,stunning "do come to my mind, but they are just ridiculousand meaningless cliches( COUTESY, metroplus the hindu, Bangalore ,describing the breathtaking scenery between mangalore ansd subrahmanya by the newly introduced train between mangalore and bangalore. bgak's marwa ,still to be heard . thanks once again balasubramanian gobilalitha
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