New Real Tanpura iPhone / iPad / iPodTouch app!

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#1 New Real Tanpura iPhone / iPad / iPodTouch app!

Post by arvind » 14 Apr 2012, 17:57

Fellow Rasikas,

I am pleased to inform everyone that I have released a new mobile Tanpura app ( which offers high fidelity stereo audio recordings from professional Tanpuras, tuned by a professional performing musician, recorded in a professional studio environment. This app works on iPhone and iPad devices (and of course also on iPod touch devices). I am also working on an Android version that will be released shortly. You can read more about it and also purchase/download it by visiting

Unlike many other shruthi petti / tanpura / tambura apps that produce the audio using mathematical algorithms that modify a single recording sample to be played at different frequencies, this app offers true stereo audio recordings of the Tanpura at each shruthi with no mathematical or synthetically produced sound. You will hear the full range of harmonics and richness you expect to hear from a real acoustic Tanpura.

Your feedback is warmly welcome! Please do get in touch with me if you have suggestions, ideas, or any other comments.

Best regards,
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