Bhavageete on krishna

Music that is not orthodox Carnatic or Hindustani.
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Deepa Bhat
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#1 Bhavageete on krishna

Post by Deepa Bhat » 12 Jan 2014, 00:44

pls suggest some kannada bhavageete on Krishna - Radha by different poets.
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#2 Re: Bhavageete on krishna

Post by varsha » 16 Jan 2014, 07:48

I had to rack my brains for this . And found this from a poetess who lived 15kms from where I was born and brought up :| ... teGiriyama
I bow in respect to the efforts of Nagamani Srinath in bringing out outstanding albums on Haridasas ..This sample is just to showcase the full work of hers. ... /124026816
This is how the Ranganatha Temple looks like , from the Helavana Katte

And this how that small village remembers their own Meera - As persecuted and and as devoted
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#3 Re: Bhavageete on krishna

Post by vs_manjunath » 16 Jan 2014, 09:26

HK Giriyamma's dAsa sahithya appears like a typical tamil pasuram-Pallandu.
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#4 Re: Bhavageete on krishna

Post by Rsachi » 16 Jan 2014, 09:54

'heLavanakaTTe giriyamma' was a popular serial on TV a couple of years back, with great songs sung by Varijashree. She has become famous now and a CD is being released of select songs.
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