Meanings of Shishunala Sharif's Songs

Music that is not orthodox Carnatic or Hindustani.
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Post by girish_a » 27 Aug 2008, 17:00

Can anyone point to books (or other resources) where I can understand the meanings of Santha Shishunala Sharif's songs?

We could also discuss his compositions here.

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Post by VK RAMAN » 28 Aug 2008, 00:17

Great voice, good song and poor recording.
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Post by girish_a » 28 Sep 2008, 21:47

Well, not much activity on this thread...I was hoping to learn the meanings of Shishunala Sharif's songs. The Kannada in his songs, being North Karnataka dialect, is a little unfamiliar to me, as also the philosophical import of such songs as Kodagana Koli Nungitta etc.

In some cases, the language is easily understood, but the philosophical significance is difficult to grasp. For example what does he mean when he says "Sorutihudu maneya mALige, agnAnadinda"?

I hope someone knowledegable will post translations, or at least point to some.
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Post by vs_manjunath » 28 Sep 2008, 23:09

girish_a : pl send your question as a mail to "ramakriya" who is also a member in rasika forum. His mail address: Ramaprasad Kowshika <[email protected]>

I beleive he might have missed this post.

U can POST the full lyrics............let us see........some one may always help ?
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Post by prassudr » 23 Jul 2009, 13:23

soruthihudu maneya malige aganadinda;
meaning-because of illiteracy and lack of education the roof of your house is leaking,you dont know how to repair that
sharif is a muslim boy converted to bramhin to get education,he also served as a teacher
during his time north karnataka has poor socioeconomic condition and tuberculosis leprosy plague was rampant
so he is revolutionary man in north karnataka
all songs got meaning,good person by heart
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Post by coolkarni » 30 Jul 2009, 20:52

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