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#1 Fusion recommendations

Post by mahavishnu » 01 May 2013, 01:52

In a recent thread on Smt Sudha Raghunathan's concert, a number of suggestions for what people on the forum consider good fusion music came up.
I am starting this thread here with a few pieces of music that I find interesting (outside the mainstream Shakti/Mahavishnu/McLaughlin/ realm). Many of these are not purely Indian-jazz fusion recordings; I really dislike the Euro-Americo-centric term "world" music. A general caveat is that not all of this might be to everyone's tastes, so please do not consider these as personal recommendations. Please feel free to add/critique/flame/whatever.

So here goes and in no particular order.

1. VM Bhatt with Ry Cooder:
A brilliant album featuring two slide guitarists of considerable standing from two very different systems.


2. As promised: L Shankar with Frank Zappa (bilahari)
This is almost too surreal, if you ask me. But makes for a interesting listening. Shankar dazzles in both speed, technical virtuosity and rhythm.

3. Viji Krishnan and David Hidalgo: Very interesting blend of Indian scales in acoustic rock/folk music.

4. I don't want to add too many of L.Shankar's works right here, since that could fill an entire shelf. But his collaborations with Peter Gabriel and other musicians that came together for Scorcese's "Passion of the Christ" movie like Baaba Maal (violin accompaniment for kuran recitation) and other middle eastern musicians is extraordinary as well. Here's Call to Prayer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgN1w6htNHw You have to listen carefully, the violin playing vakulabharanam is all too subtle otherwise.
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