Sudha Saagara - Smt Nirmala Rajasekar

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#1 Sudha Saagara - Smt Nirmala Rajasekar

Post by puchhas » 13 Apr 2015, 19:45

When I went to Cleveland Tyagaraja Aradhana this year, I found Charsur CD, Sudha Saagara by Smt Nirmala Rajasekar. In the past I attended Nirmala's concert where she played Sublime journey and Summer rain kind of pieces. As an ardent lover of Carnatic music especially Veena (I play veena myself though not a professional), this CD attracted me. I was keen in listening to this CD because of my favorite ragas listed on it. The same interest made me write this review.

A big shout out to Charsur for a great album by the wonderful artist !

What I observed during the live concerts, whether being a vocal or a veena concert, is the way, the sound is heard from the audience perspective.It is a big challenge to the engineers in setting up the sound for veena to its authentic tone. The foremost thing I liked in this album is the way Charsur preserved the authentic sound of the veena.

Next, as in a regular concert, tracks started off with a Varnam in energetic raga "Kadanakutuhalam". Dikshitar's "Pancha Matanga ganapati" is very soothing. Other pieces in Natakuranji, Panthuvarali, kalavati and Kapi Narayani were just amazing. The scintillating effects Nirmala brought in with her Gamakams were like ripples in water.

The other important part of Carnatic Music is Improvisation. The way Nirmala has done Bhairavi Ragam, Tanam was mind blowing. What can I talk about the flavours of Bhairavi she played. At an age when traditional compositions compete with new compositions, javalis have disappeared though they were at one time the cherished pieces of a musician's repertoire.The piece which Nirmala played in Behag is awesome. Tulsidas bhajan in latith is unique of its kind. Final part, the Tillana in Senjuruti raised the spirits. Well done !!

Biggest Challange Nirmala accomplished is literally made her "Grand Lady" aka "Veena" sing ! Overwhich she herself sang few lines in between for the audience. This is truly amazing.

The percussions and the violin are lovely and so beautifully blended. The way Sri Murugabhupathy, Sri Guruprasad and Sri Sriram played the manodharmam in conjunction with Veena is commendable.

Nirmala’s passion towards carnatic music, her practice and learning is much admired. It’s not an easy instrument to handle. Need a life long commitment and hours of practice to play with such ease.

In simple terms "Sudha Saagara" truly is like "the Ocean of Nectar". I would like to listen to more albums of this versatile artist Smt Nirmala Rajasekar.
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#2 Re: Sudha Saagara - Smt Nirmala Rajasekar

Post by CRama » 15 Apr 2015, 21:06

Thank you for your erudite review. I have many times listened to this vidushi in radio and enjoyed.
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