December Season 2008 (T M Krishna) - Two and a half hours of amazing music

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#1 December Season 2008 (T M Krishna) - Two and a half hours of amazing music

Post by shreyas » 30 Mar 2018, 20:11 ... rit-2010-4
Listen to the album here.

These are the songs in the album:
A - Alapana, Th - Thani Avarthanam, N - Neraval, S - Swaram

1. Teliyaleru Rama - Dhenuka (S at Pallavi)
The swaras are absolutely amazing. You find yourself tapping your feet to the tune. He also plays second fiddle to the violinist for some time...
2. Bhogeendra Sayinam - Kunthalavarali
Lively and fast-paced.
3. Mina lochana Brova - Dhanyasi
Detailed raga alapana, full of refreshingly new phrases of the raga. N and S at Kamapalini, Bhavani Chandrakaladharini. The swaras are done for each word instead of for the line as a whole.
4. Sree Dakshinamurthe - Sankarabharanam
Leisurely pace, calming and meandering.
5. Etavunara - Kalyani
Possibly the most brilliant Kalyani I have ever heard. 15 minutes of absolute bliss. The violinist also plays very well. N, S and Th at Sri Karudarpu. Fast neraval and swaram are filled with delightful patterns.
6. Pullagi (Virutham) follwed by Varuvaro Varam Tharuvaro- Sama.
7. Aduvum Sholluval (Padam) - Sourashtram. Nicely sung. I like the lyrics, even though I don't understand Tamil.
8. Elarayene (Javali) - Bhairavi. Rapid and 'tap'worthy. He could not resist adding some swaras at E Marubariki Emane Thaluchu. After all, it is Bhairavi... :D
9. Santhatham - Behag. Also very nice, slow and beautiful.
10. Ramachandraya - Navroj. What more can be said about this evergreen composition?

Overall an amazing listen. Worth purchasing. Krishna at his best.
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