Cheaper store for imitation temple jewellery in Chennai

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Post by KSDD » 13 Feb 2009, 00:20

Namaskar Vannakam dear Rasikas!
I will be in Chennai soon with the mission of buying imitation temple jewellery for a bharatanatyam group. I would like to know which store in Chennai (T.Nagar or Mylapore) offers the best price. Thank you !
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Nick H
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Post by Nick H » 13 Feb 2009, 00:54

Narayana Pearls seems to be my wife's favourite shop, as almost all our stuff is 'imitation' (gold-covered silver) jewellery, but they are a general shop, rather than a dance specialist. They are good about honouring warranties, if something wears thin or falls apart. Branches around; T Nagar has a couple, but not Mylapore, I don't think.

Some of the smaller stores around Mylapore do rental. They will get everything freshly "polished" (plated) for you, so it will look as good as new. Could be a money saver, if it is for one performance, rather than an investment for the future.
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Post by rshankar » 13 Feb 2009, 01:18

If you are in the Mylapore area, you will find dance jewelry both at Giri Traders as well as Shanti Dance needs (right across from Giri) - both are located near the main entrance to the kapALISvarar temple. Both places have 'temple' jewelry - I think it is made from five elements, not sure - they are lighter, but duller. They also have jewelry made from colored glass - these are heavier, but very bright. Both stores also carry them in varying sizes. I find Shanti to be a one-stop shop for the visitor with competing demands on their time. (I am not paid to put a plug in for either place - All I am guilty of is blowing huge sums at both places!)

Narayana pearls seems to be a chain of sorts with stores at many locations in the city.
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Post by Umesh » 13 Feb 2009, 08:43

For dance jewelry needs in Chennai, this is a good source:

I'm sure several stores on that list carry imitation pieces as well. Also, local costume jewelry retailers (not dance specific) are a good bet, so I would take a look around places like Pondy Bazaar where these are a dime a dozen. I'm not sure about typical pricing, but I know in Bangalore I found imitation temple jewelry that was relatively inexpensive. I remember it was about Rs. 400 or 500 for an oddiyanam.
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Post by KSDD » 13 Feb 2009, 18:44

Thank you all very much !!!
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#6 Re: Cheaper store for imitation temple jewellery in Chennai

Post by aashvicreation » 03 Jan 2017, 20:44

i have online store can anyone share reff of antique jewellery manufacturer in mumbai..??
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