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#1 Raghuvamsa sudha

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I know the song "Raghuvamsa Sudha' a Keerthanam was already discussed. I would like to have some in-depth meaning of the song in the line"agha-mēgha māruta śrī-kara" for which the meaning is "O wind that drives away the sin ! O doer of good !"

Can somebody explain as to why is Lord Ranma compared to the Wind and what does "drives away the sin" mean.

Thank you.

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#2 Re: Raghuvamsa sudha

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My attempt:
agha mEgha should be taken together: (for) sins/evil/impurities (agha) that are like clouds (mEgha)
mAruta - wind-like
SrI kara - the creator(kara) of auspiciousness (SrI)

So, the composer not only likens rAma to the gusts of wind (mAruta) that can blow away clouds (mEgha) heavy with sins (agha) - as the remover of bad, but describes him as the creator (kara) of auspiciousness (SrI), in addition - a creator of good.....

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