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#1 Meaning for Pradosha Sloka

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We would like to include the second sloka of Pradosha Mahatmyam from Shiva Purana as a prelude to one of the songs in a Bharatanatyam Margam. I found the meaning of the sloka in another site but it appears to be incomplete. In particular, these two lines "Sthallo nidhra karo ramaa bhagawathi, geya prayogaanvithaa," are not translated properly. Could you please help with the padArthA and vAkyArthA for each line. Thank you.

Vagdevi drutha vallaakee sathamukho
venum dhadhan padmaja,
Sthallo nidhra karo ramaa bhagawathi,
geya prayogaanvithaa,
Vishnu saandra mrudanga vaadana patur
devas samanthath sthithaa,
Sevanthe thamara pradosha samaye
devam mrudaaneepathim. 2

The goddess of Knowledge plays Veena,
The hundred faced Indra plays the flute,
The Brahma who was born in a lotus keeps time,
The Goddess Lakshmi starts to sing,
The God Vishnu plays the drum with ease,
And all the devas stand all round in service,
And pray Lord Shiva during the time of pradosha.

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#2 Re: Meaning for Pradosha Sloka

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vAgdevI dhRta-vallakI - Sarasvati holds a Veena (playing it),
shatamakho veNuM dadhat- Indra (who has performed a hundred AShvamedha Yagnas(makhas)) holds a flute,
padmajas-tAlonnidrakaro - the lotus-born Brahma makes the Tala ring out,
ramA bhagavatI geya-prayogAnvitaa - Goddess Lakshmi sings songs,
viShNuH sAndra-mRdanga-vAdana-paTur - Vishnu expertly plays the Mrdanga
devAH samantAt-sthitaaH tamanu - Devas stand nearby, facing him
sevante pradoSha-samaye - worship him at the time of Pradosha
devaM mRDAnI-patim - (him=) Lord Shiva, the lord of Parvati.

THis is vakyartha, if any word's meaning is not clear, I'll post that.

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#3 Re: Meaning for Pradosha Sloka

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Thanks so much Rajani. Really appreciate the quick and detailed response.

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