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Post by RadhikaHarish » 20 Oct 2009, 22:55

Can anyone please provide me the word to word meaning of the below mentioned slokam. Also, request you to correct the lyrics in case of an error.

Kasturi thilakam lalata phalake vakshasthale kousthubham
Nasagre navamoukthikam karathale venum kare kankanam
Sarvaange harichandanan cha kalayam kante cha mukthavaleem
Gopasthri pariveshthithou
Vijayathe Gopala choodamanim

Thanks in advance.
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Post by avnipriya » 21 Oct 2009, 00:29

Radhika, I hope this post is helpful.

kastUrI tilakam lalATa phalake vakShaH sthale kaustubham
nAsAgre nava mauktikam kara tale veNum kare ka~NkaNam
sarva a~Nge hari candanam ca kalayan kaNThe ca mukta Avalim
gopa strI pariveShTitaH vijayate gopAla cUDAmaNiH

lalATa phalake kastUrI tilakam = on plaquette-like, forehead,U mark made with musk
vakShaH sthale kaustubham = on chest, plate, divine kausthubha jewel wedged to a pendant
nAsa agre nava mauktikam = on nose’s, tip - on nostril, new, pearl - pearl studded nose-stud
kara tale veNum = on hand’s, surface, a flute
kare ka~NkaNam = on wrists, O-rings
sarva a~Nge hari candanam = all, on body, sandal paste cosmetically smeared
ca = further
kaNThe mukta Avalim ca = on neck, pearl-pendants, also
kalayan = making them to scintillate - they are scintillating more because they are on a discrete sapphirine backdrop called his physique
gopa strI pariveShTitaH = by cowherders’, damsels, immured by
[saH] gopAla cUDA maNiH = [he that] cow minders’,crest jewellike boy
vijayate = excelling topmost.


There glimmers a U mark made with deer musk on his plaquette-like little forehead;
glistening is the divine kausthubha jewel wedged to a pendant on the pane of his petite chest;
glinting is a nose-stud studded with an exquisite pearl on his tiny nostril;
clanging are the O-rings on his teeny-weeny wrists;
fizzying flute mohana-vamshi in his puny fist;
permeating is the fragrance of sandal paste cosmetically smeared on his entire boy;
scintillating are the pearly pendants dangling around his neck, more so, for their being on a discrete sapphirine backdrop called his physique;
that being his maquillage, he who will be immured by a select coterie of milkmaids,
hail that divinest sapphirine boy, the crest jewel of cowminders’ community.

These texts are from http://www.giirvaani.net/giirvaani/skka/skka_intro.htm
great website that helps me a lot with the shlokas from shrI kRShNa karNamRtam.
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Post by rshankar » 21 Oct 2009, 02:02

I salute the crown-jewel (cUDAmaNim) amongst the cowherds (gOpAla), krishNa, who has a beautiful mark on the forehead (tilakam) drawn from the secretions from the navel of the musk-deer (kastUri) [1] decorating his forehead (lalATa phalakE) [2]; the precious kaustubham [3] adorning his chest (vakshasthalE); rare, new (nava) pearls (mauktikam) embellishing his nostrils (nAsAgrE); a flute (vENU) in the palm (talE) of his hands (kara); bracelets (kaNkaNam) adorning his wrists (karE); all (sarva) of his limbs (angE) annointed (kalayam) with fragrant sandal-paste (haricandanam ca); and (ca) priceless strings of pearls (muktAvalIm) around his neck (kaNThE); and sports around (vijayatE) surrounded by (parivESTitO) by the gOpIs (gopastrI) of vrindAvan.

[1] The musk-deer is an inhabitant of the himalayan ranges, and it was the royal family of Nepal that supplied it to temples like the jagannAth mandir in Puri. Ever since the monarchy in Nepal fell, kastUri has become scarce!
[2] phalaka refers to a flat surface
[3] kaustubham is a priceless gem that emerged when the kshIra sAgara was churned
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Post by rshankar » 21 Oct 2009, 02:05

Sorry - my post crossed Avnipriya's...
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Post by RadhikaHarish » 21 Oct 2009, 02:13

Thank you both for a quick response. This is of great help.
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#6 Re: Kasturi Thilakam

Post by nagthilaka » 16 May 2019, 18:30

Whose Composition is this? "Kasturi thilakam lalata phalake"
I heard Sri sikkil Gurucharan Sing this
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#7 Re: Kasturi Thilakam

Post by Sachi_R » 16 May 2019, 18:39

Līlāśuka /Bilvamaṅgala

I found a nice write-up:

https://www.devshoppe.com/blogs/article ... th-meaning
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#8 Re: Kasturi Thilakam

Post by VK RAMAN » 18 May 2019, 19:25

Saint Bilwa Mangalam
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