Sangraha Choodamani - An important text

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Dear Rasikas

I have posted this book I downloaded from DLI on Scribd. Gives a better reading experience.

For links to access the book, go to: "¦ f-govinda/


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Post by metnanda »

Dear sir,

Fantastic effort. what you have posted is a treasure to CM students, vidwans etc. It seems to be a very old
edition and very authentic. Laudable effort.


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Post by csnalini »

Greak effort. Kudos.

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In spite of living in and around mylapore from 1925 to 1990, I failed to come across this very informative trearise on Carnatic Music. Sri Subramanya Sastri had done a wonderful service. He has clearly brought out the the relationship between each sruthi under the twenty two sruthi classification and thus providing proof to the theory that the western instruments such as Piano and the modern electronic key board (with its pitch bender) even handled by masters,and with due respects to them, cannot prove adequate to reproduce the full gamut of swaras of Carnatic music

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Post by badari »

Hi Ramakriya,

Could you pl explain the process for downloading from SCRIBD ?

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Post by Sachi_R »

I have downloaded from Scribd after signing up and uploading some original material. They have since created some payment model, but earlier it was free.

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