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#1 Hilarious - Social media music

Post by shankarank »

https://www.facebook.com/Naadatharangin ... 875658820/

tyagarAja ROFL at the feet of Rama!

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#2 Re: Hilarious - Social media music

Post by mdr_fan »

Who are the musicians?

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#3 Re: Hilarious - Social media music

Post by arasi »

Hilarious indeed!
However, her singing is very good (eyes closed, with bhAvA). His konnakkOl is good too. I tried with some success
paying attention only to the lyrics first (sounded good), then playing it again, to him.

Looks like they were having fun doing this--meaning no disrespect to T. Just chose a fast-paced song (well, as it is rendered nowadays), and tried experimenting with it in a harmless way. No gimmickry presentation, this. My guess is that they are not big time young ambitious artistes. From Kerala?

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#4 Re: Hilarious - Social media music

Post by mdr_fan »

Arasi, I agree. I thought it was rendered very well and the Konakkol went surprisingly well with the song. Just curious as to who the artists are so that I can check out their other creations.

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#5 Re: Hilarious - Social media music

Post by ajaysimha »

yeah its a good presentation of song.
the artist is chandanabala, in fact she is a good singer!!!
her rendition of ganamurthy is my favs.

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#6 Re: Hilarious - Social media music

Post by thenpaanan »

I don't quite understand the nature of the objection to this performance.

1. If one is complaining about the speed of rendition then one should lay the blame on our esteemed and revered vidwans in our tradition who have led us. If your complaint is that the speed and style don't comport well with the meaning of the lyrics (or that surely Tyagaraja would not have sung it like this) you would have a point, but with all due respect that bus has left the station not recently but several generations ago. If anything the singers have rendered it superlatively by modern standards.

2. If the objection is to the konnakkOl then again it is the tradition that gives us this. My feeling is that to an unfamiliar/untrained ear this performance will not sound much different from the standard mridangam accompaniment one finds these days for such a song. Somehow one finds the mridangam accompaniment acceptable. The sound could have been balanced better but then again as it is it is not much different from what one might find in an average sabha.

I don't understand why the word "hilarious" was used in this context. If Tyagaraja were laughing at this rendition, he would be laughing pretty much everything we do these days in Carnatic music.


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