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#1 SK concert

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ram1999 wrote: 18 Jul 2018, 11:21 Ok, now that th SK awardee has been announced, now the next topic for discussion would be the songs that will be rendered by the SK awardee at MA in dec 2018. My take is

Concert starts with a varnam in nattai - theme monkey
Submain piece on a cow in purvikalyani
Main piece - another cow in thodi
Grand finale - thillana on a snake with magudi accompaniment - 50 mins and 49 secs ably supported by the audience dancing away to glory inviting the new year !

This will be a 4 hours 22 mins 39 secs concert with special emphasis on thillana
Lets show some outstanding creativity. Start with a grand gala pre-concert chorus of AnandamAnandamAnandame by those for the award.

During the concert itself, spice it up with whatever listed above and then pile on with may be couple of songs of snake-on-the-cow & cow-on-the-snake to bring out the divine co-existence of cows/snakes without each killing the other because of CM. Add may be another 2 hours 19 mins to usher in 2019.

And after this may be a dirge by those who are against.

And there, that is the new tradition/sampradAyA to be followed hence forth.

PS: Turn your sarcasm sensitivity to the max.

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#2 Re: SK concert

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After 'mADu mEykkum kaNNA' it should be 'kazhudayai mEykkum kandA', naturally. Can we expect such a song from the Sangeetha kaNNAnidhi?

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