Is extempore singing in concerts easy ?

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#1 Is extempore singing in concerts easy ?

Post by jodha »

I read reviews here where rasikas request artists to sing some thing as heavy as RTP.but is it that easy ? Not so for all artists I beleive.ARI never used to budge to such requests I have heard.But there are artists like TNS who can meet such challenges with great aplomb.I also doubt whether it is prudent on the part of the rasikas to place such requests or demands.
But certain artists are tactful to put their prepared item in the mouths of rasikas.In particular this instrumentalist a globe trotter will innocently ask the crowd what raga they want for RTP.there will be many voices and he will not choose the first request rather request of his looks cheap.neverthless it gives a chance for the crowd to go euphoric.

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#2 Re: Is extempore singing in concerts easy ?

Post by mohan »

For experienced musicians, RTP is not very difficult. In fact if you learn a RTP in one raga it is not that big a task to present the same pallavi in a different raga.

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#3 Re: Is extempore singing in concerts easy ?

Post by vgovindan »

I happened to read a Tamil book (short pdf) about three important pAN singers of Tamil Nadu. Though this may not have any relevance in today's situation of concert, it would be interesting to know the origins of musical performances, most of them spontaneous (extempore). We have lost all those traditions and there is a total new culture which has replaced it.
As a corollary, the earlier singers were either performing in the courts of kings or in the temple - standing outside (behind nandi - in Siva Temple) because they were low caste (pulaiya) - the story of tiruppANAzhvAr and bANa pattirar refers therein. ... r_1951.pdf

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#4 Re: Is extempore singing in concerts easy ?

Post by shankarank »

More than tamizh isai - it should be isai-tamizh. That is the correct vocabulary. Universality of music is not hampered by the latter!

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#5 Re: Is extempore singing in concerts easy ?

Post by ratanabhinav »

Easy for musicians of calibre . For those who do not wish to combine their manodhama with raga insights and lakshana , it is very very difficult .

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