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#1 Apps for Carnatic Students and Musicians

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We are app developers dedicating our efforts for carnatic music. So far, we have created the following apps. We would appreciate if you have any feedback using these apps.

Shruti Carnatic Tuner ... yil.shruti

This app helps to tune carnatic instruments or voice to accurate Carnatic swarams. It automatically detects the swaram by listening to your voice or instrument. It visually helps to accurately tune to swarams in any sthayi.
  • If you're a carnatic vocal student, you can perfect your singing of all swara sthanas, as the app can show you the accuracy of any swara sthana you sing. Tip: Practice singing karvai/dheergam (long notes) with this feature enabled.
  • If you're learning a carnatic music instrument, you can use the app to improve accuracy of your fingering technique to play all swarams. For example, if you play violin, this app can aid you to position your fingers precisely for any swara sthanam, on any string.
  • If your instrument requires tuning to swarams other than Sa, Ma1 and Pa, you can use premium feature. e.g. tambura with one string tuned to Ni
  • If you're a veena player, you can check your veena's melam (frets) and adjust it accordingly using this app.
  • If you're a flutist, this app helps you to make sure the flutes you are buying are in specified shruti, and without any apaswaram.
  • If you're a professional musician, you may appreciate the precise reference sounds this feature enables for all swarams.
  • If you're an experience musician or advanced student, you can tine tune to authentic carnatic swara sthanas with this app instead of western equal temperament intervals (common in keyboards and harmoniums).
Sādhakam Carnatic Ear Trainer ... l.sadhakam

Sādhakam is an ear training app for Carnatic music. It provides an easy way to improve one's Swara Gyānam. The goal of the app is to train the user to instantly tell any swaram (s)he hears, to easily distinguish different swara sthanams. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced carnatic musician or rasika, you'll find this app helpful.

With Sādhakam, you'll exercise all swarasthanams thoroughly. These interactive exercises train you to hear and identify swarasthanas gradually, with increasing complexity. The exercises are crafted with pure and precise carnatic swara sthanams.

Each exercise will play a swaram or sequence to you. You shall hear and identify the correct swarasthanam among the choices presented. Once you answer, the app will tell you whether you are right or wrong, and what the correct answer is. As you practice more and more, you'll start recognizing swarams automatically. This way you can improve your swara gyanam whether you are a beginner student or an experienced musician or just a fan of carnatic music.


This has been a journey of about 3 years for us. During the course of time, we have seen that more developers started developing apps for carnatic music. We request you to encourage and support the efforts of anyone who is bringing next generation technology to carnatic music and musicians.

Thank you,
Ananth Pattabi
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Shruti Carnatic Tuner | Sādhakam—Carnatic Ear Trainer

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#2 Re: Apps for Carnatic Students and Musicians

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Thank you..
Will share w my fellow student musicians

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#3 Re: Apps for Carnatic Students and Musicians

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Thank you SrividyaC!

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