Concerts by Instrumentalists - Review

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#1 Concerts by Instrumentalists - Review

Post by hnbhagavan »

The Vocal concerts get reviewed more by several orders than Instrumental Music.I am reading with interest reviews posted by our rasikas in USA.
Recently Mysore Brothers are touring in USA during Sep-Oct 2018 giving 25 plus concerts in bay area as well as several venues.Not a single review has been posted in our forum though I see their concerts thru FB posted by admirers.But Several vocal concerts get reviewed by Rasikas in our forum.
Dr. Pantula Rama's concerts were recently reviewed.
Thus there is a bias towards Instrumental Music not getting due importance.

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#2 Re: Concerts by Instrumentalists - Review

Post by rshankar »

This is not a specific response to the OP in particular, but is relevant, nevertheless.
Reviews here and on other internet fora are purely voluntary. Also, not everyone who attends posts reviews. IMO, most people post if they truly enjoyed the concert, or if there was something that irritated them. Regardless, it’s a voluntary effort that allows us to live through the posters’ experience vicariously.
With that background, I find it hard to understand comments that wonder/accuse reviewers of bias - of reviewing only select concerts. I very much doubt that the people who post (and a great big thanks to them) only do so for concerts of artist x or y, despite attending concerts of a, b, and c in addition.
I also think that we cannot insist on the concerts that people attend.
But I think it’s fair to say if an artist creates rasAnubhava, it is likely to be reviewed
So, please, do not look gift horses in the mouth.
If you want to see reviews of artists you don’t see on hear, write them yourselves, or get the people you know who attended them to post.

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#3 Re: Concerts by Instrumentalists - Review

Post by hnbhagavan »

This is a general observation.whether Concerts are in Chennai,bangalore or USA,the reviews for the instrumental concerts are very less.Attendance wise also even in Ramanavami concerts at Bangalore there is definitely a negative bias for Instrumental Music concerts.Statistically also just scan through concert reviews in our forum,you can understand my statement.

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#4 Re: Concerts by Instrumentalists - Review

Post by bilahari »


I share your concern for the lack of interest in instrumental music compared with vocal music in CM. But Ravi's point is correct: rasikas attend concerts they are interested in, and write about those concerts. There is really no point in admonishing people for their taste in art; there is nothing malicious that underlies such preferences.

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#5 Re: Concerts by Instrumentalists - Review

Post by arasi »

Also, there are times when we have to cancel going to a concert because something else crops up at the last minute. Also, how many who attend a concert write a review? Distances is another reason for even those who do review. They simply can't make it to the venue.

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#6 Re: Concerts by Instrumentalists - Review

Post by MaheshS »

What is the split between vocal and instrumental concerts that happen during an year? 72 %- 25%? Which I reckon reflects the number of reviews here.

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#7 Re: Concerts by Instrumentalists - Review

Post by talalaya »

Sri HNB,

I presume you talk about lack of attendance or reviews of chaste Instrumental concerts like those of Smt Jayanthi Kumaresh, Lalgudi Siblings, Smt RSJ and earlier Flute Ramani, Kalpagam mami, Thanjavur KP Sivanandam & Smt Sarada Sivanandam. Chaste Instrumental music will always find fewer takers compared to something like a very popular Band these days, where a plethora of clueless folks turn up, watching, hearing & applauding masterpieces like "Amba Kamakshi" dying an horrible death. (Thank Goodness it never happened during Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer's lifetime).

The best we can do is to educate as many as possible about such great music. Flip side, you can never really force people to get or appreciate what they can't.

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#8 Re: Concerts by Instrumentalists - Review

Post by hnbhagavan »

Please do not think i am admonishing any one.It was an observation. Teams are touring USA- one Instrumental Violin and the other Vocal.Vocal was getting more reviews almost in all venues.I am no one to compel any Rasika and force one to write reviews.This is indeed general Observation and nothing more.It is only unfortunate that very talented instrumental music does not draw a good crowd.

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#9 Re: Concerts by Instrumentalists - Review

Post by SrividyaC »

Maybe there are many rasikas, just that they are not members of If you are disheartened thinking there are no takers for instrumental music, please dont be sir.

This was a Sangetha Seva and not a concert as such, there was a sizeable crowd which gathered much before the program started. viewtopic.php?f=13&t=10160&start=100#p341297

Chitraveen program had quite a crowd as well:

Screen grabs from videos of concert:

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#10 Re: Concerts by Instrumentalists - Review

Post by Sachi_R »

I think Instrumentalists need more attendance and more appreciation. I agree with Sri Bhagavan.
My last write-upwas 5 months ago: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=31257#p335431

There are some interesting instrumental concerts coming up. Let me first attend them 🙃

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