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#1 No activism allowed here

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To all members of the forum :

We say it again, we can't support activists here. So whatever it is, please take it to FB or Twitter or the news media. There are also public hearings and committees forming around for these issues. Artistes are also teaming up to take a stand and organizers also have to fall in line and ensure the safety of women, children, students and musicians. It is better that whatever you need to say is said in places dedicated to these matters. The onus of taking your claims forward rests with you and not the board of this forum.

Second, if anyone drops names and claims that we are being pressurized or manipulated, let's be clear -- no one has contacted, manipulated or threatened us, but we have our concerns. To say that we are being coerced by those in the spotlight is false and accusatory.

We cannot allow activism, open challenges and campaigns of this sort on this private forum. We have no means to deal with any issues or prove / disprove these claims - the responsibility is yours alone. We cannot act or take sides or the bullets on anyone's behalf. We cannot accept rasikas being used to shoot accusations of this seriousness. This forum not the court, judge, or jury, or a place for conducting trials by social media.

Kindly do not misinterpret our stance, shame us or accuse us of being complicit with the other side, or worse, of being oppressors and silencing victims ourselves. That is where it turns into politicking, with the intent of making us commit to one side, and when we don't, use shaming, tantrums and coercive tactics on us. Then it becomes a personal allegation against us forum admins as well. In fact this is just like a tantrum thrown by a small child when denied its want, not realizing the bigger picture. It quickly erodes any credibility. If anything, this is just proof of how easy it is to get irrational and say sensational stuff once feelings run high in an argument. We cannot support that.

We can allow for a discussion of sexual abuse for raising awareness about it - we can even allow members to link or post about how this matter is progressing in the wider CM community and their opinions on that. But no more. Any further 'activist' threads opened to make your allegations and shame us in the process will be closed without explanation.

We are fully aware of the seriousness and extent of sexual abuse and our hearts go out to all those who have suffered and kept the pain within themselves all these years. We are also aware however, that any public allegation, true or not, once made, is a permanent stain on one's reputation that cannot be erased. We are also aware of our own limits as a privately maintained forum that is not Facebook, Reddit, Quora, Whatsapp, Twitter or a major Newspaper.

If individual members are concerned about taking a stand on this issue, they may discuss everything privately and pursue the truth proactively on their own and make a difference. In any case, simply putting it up here or on social media alone will not be enough to bring about the positive changes needed in society - for which significant courage and action is needed in the real world.

It is up to all of us in society to recognize these issues, raise awareness, work to bring in change and develop frameworks to support the truth and bring justice to the sufferers.

We thank you for your kind understanding.