December 2018-19 Music Season Complete Schedule & Venues

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#1 December 2018-19 Music Season Complete Schedule & Venues

Post by RasikasModerator2 » 26 Nov 2018, 11:55

With the December Music Season in full swing now, it's time to have a list of useful resources of schedules and venues for the December Music Season. Kindly check out the links below :

The following link for daily events in Chennai is exhaustive and updated daily. Please refer to this link for daily schedules :

Out of all the links shared, this is the easiest and most comprehensive and gives live daily schedules of concerts by time slot and venue. It also has profile pages for individual artistes with lots of info, and these even have individual artist schedules for the season.

The website - Music of Madras - is also an excellent and comprehensive listing. There is also an app for this on Play Store and App store which may be downloaded.

The Music of Madras website also covers dance, drama and other events as well. Events may be searched by organizer, artist, venue and a calendar is also available. You can also purchase tickets through the app via sms. Every concert venue's google map link is also provided in the description of each event at the bottom left.

EDIT : Another useful crowdfunded resource : - very easy to search and filter by artist, venue and date. Interested rasikas may help contribute items to the team. -- This is organized sabha wise and provides a complete schedule for 30 different sabhas. So depending on your location, you may plan accordingly.

Another link : ... -2018.html - Again venue wise. A very comprehensive listing

EDIT : Requested by poster to share the map of most of the sabhas / venues on google from the Events Thread. Done.

Please find the google map links to most concert venues in Chennai in the link below. - Google will provide live travel time, directions and traffic data.

Kindly note that searching by organizer name (e.g. Indian Fine Arts) might sometimes not turn up a result, so kindly verify the actual hall / venue name from the address in the schedules and search. (In this case, it was Ethiraj Kalyana Mandapam on TTK Road). Kalarasana for e.g. is conducting in Raga Sudha Hall, Luz - so kindly search for Raga Sudha Hall.

You may add individual concerts from the online calendars from the links above to your own google calendar as well.

Tip : If you are using google calendars and adding events manually, or copying or saving the calendars from the above links to your google calendar, here are some tips. Pressing the button 'A' on the keyboard will turn the calendar into a readable list for convenience. Pressing the 'W' button will change it into a calendar format showing the time duration over a week, and pressing 'M' will show the schedule for an entire month.

We also request rasikas to check out the list of local events in Newspapers like the Hindu for additional information.

Other resources and links contributed by forum members may be found at the Event Announcements section here : viewforum.php?f=6

We should point out that most of the concerts in the December Music Season are free for all to attend, which includes many concerts even during the evening slots - of both veterans and youngsters alike. This information is available in the description of each concert event in the links. Many upcoming musicians performing in these slots often have to sing to near empty halls. There are as many as 50-80 concerts happening per day all over the city at the peak of the season. Kindly use the opportunity to encourage new talent and spread the word to your circles.

Shared as requested and made into a global announcement. Kindly share the links above to anyone interested and on your own social media profiles.
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