Happy New Year 2020!

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#1 Happy New Year 2020!

Post by RasikasModerator2 »

The admin team of rasikas.org wishes all our members, readers, musicians, musicologists, organizers and rasikas and everyone else a very Happy, prosperous and music filled New Year 2020!

It was a very eventful 2019 for all of us and today brings us not only to the end of the year, but also to the end of a decade whose vastness defies description. Aided by the information explosion and global connectivity of the Digital Age the 2010s was one of the greatest decades for Carnatic Music in history. We now see the start of a new musical chapter for the forum. And an unbelievable cracker of a Music Season with sterling performances everywhere caps off the perfect ending to both 2019 and the 2010s.

Along the way, we have lost quite a few stars both musicians and rasikas, but then we have also seen many a future star appearing on the horizon amongst the kids and youth. The wheel of time has turned another year, but music is ageless and ever eager to sweep us into its depths and waves, filling our hearts with its thrills and throbs.

We would like to thank all of you for your contributions to our glorious music and hope you all have a wonderful year ahead! We hope the next decade will be an even greater one for the music!

Let us all welcome the New Year and the 3rd decade of the 21st century! :D ✨😍

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#2 Re: Happy New Year 2020!

Post by rajeshnat »

Happy new year cannot believe since i took writing in forums since 2001 2002. At that time there was this abdul kalam 2020 vision which i thought is so far away. Here it is just 30 minutes away

Cm only needs more patronage as rate of replenishment is not high as more and,more join TRS LGJ PR and Harishankar. It will change for sure as there is nothing more interesting than listening to carnatic music, television sucks full time and movies suck atleast part time. But how to make new fresh blood rasikas take their sustained baby steps for atleast a year is a challenge that each of us have to take.

Million thanks to all musicians who brave so much of margazhi infection to march with renewed zeal all the way from doyens umayalpuram sivaraman , m chandrasekaran etc to the forth generation artists like apoorva krishna, rahul vellal sooryagayathri etc. Best wishes for every musician who have made many of our lifes bit more carefree and less stressful. Musicians only need to work marching towards celestial greats of 1940s to 1960s that i have not seen or heard .

Finally rasikas.org rocks .That is the truth unlike other sphagetti mediums as we have lakshana and lakshya discussions that can be searched , equally expressed with both agreements and disagreements. The focus here in rasikas.org is "music first and musician second" .

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#3 Re: Happy New Year 2020!

Post by arasi »

Grand achievement--your research and presentation is commendable. Your jiving with Somu's music as you played it spoke of your immersion and the enjoyment of it. May your valuable contributions grow as years go by.
Somu was one of a kind. He was a people's musician. If bhAva is an essential ingredient of music, Somu lived it. That's why he belongs to the Gana kaladhra class. Music was their life breath and they lived it, giving expression to it. Other things receded to the background...

You are a hundred times more into music than I am, and your fervor is deep-rooted. Elsewhere you say something like 'music comes first, and then the musician'. I tried to comprehend the substance of the statement. When it comes to these stalwarts, it it seems as if they come hand in hand. You really cannot separate MMI or Somu from their music. Their passion became the music that they made and there is no question of their being anything but one entity. iranDaRak kalandu viDudal, is what it is...

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