Kamal Hassan on Tyagarajar

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What is commonly understood as art? We have to search through European enlightenment period I suppose. We should call it a lie. If TMK calls culture a lie, then the sense of art which prides itself as reflecting human emancipation , all that freedom from feudal controls, universal, and appealing to even peasants , and the defining halmark of post modern thinking, democracy and equal rights, human rights - all of that is a lie.

Our word which is equated to that : lets take the tamizh word kalai.

In agarathi, kalai means SAstiram says a vaishNavite scholar who later courted controversy on dog breeds. Our people need to also think forward. Do we only carry genes across generations? There are enough good reasons for some to marry and beget within their community, least of which is purity of breed! Bumkum!

So for us , kalai is a gift or you can call it pitchai, from our predecessors. It develops itself in sAdhaka. We don't need to be artistic , imagining some acquired freedom hitherto denied. The latter is all false notions.

As regards pitchai, just read a Somu article where performed second time in two days @KGS in lieu of a not so well SSI, and handed the remuneration, which SSI took a small part and returned the rest. Other artistes have done that. A season when SrI TK Murti was ill, SrI KaraikuDI Mani accepted all the engagements and said to have turned in all the compensation. Then there was MLV, who facilitated Smt. Mani Krishnaswamy with some of her own lecdem engagements ( From Smt. Kanyakumari's interview) when the latter's US tour went into issues during oil crisis in 70s? Can we call it Mutual insurance? :lol: Makes it (self) respectable huh?

We just need to fire up a term called "subscribed begging" for insurance, just to prick the ego of modernists. The day you become a beggar , there is that swiss insurer that will pay for you. If not there is a lawyer swindler who will help you!

KH must be thinking of better insurance than being self insured after the recent mishap during his shooting. How was he self insuring then? That's all he needed to say. "Man I take more risks than a street theatre artiste like Safdar_Hashmi". I need to charge money unlike communism which doles out things with a price control! Job done.

Why does he have to remember false things like culture?!!
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To clarify/correct:

But as a guru, as a person who taught music to shishyas, Thyagaraja was an artist.

(Wrote this without having seen #51)

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