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#1 Bahumukhi series

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Hi Rasikas,

This is our first post in Rasikas and we are very glad to connect with you all.

Sadhana, an art & music movement launched in January 2019, in Chennai, has been a platform for young budding artistes to perform their art. Over the past few months since its launch, Sadhana conducted several programs which were patronized by music enthusiasts and legendary musicians alike. Promoting and motivating youngsters to explore and showcase their talents is the hallmark motto of Sadhana.

Today, Sadhana takes immense joy in announcing its upcoming online programme, the first season of ‘Bahumukhi series’, a very unique initiative featuring multifaceted musicians featuring musicians Sriram Parasuram (Vocal, violin, musicologist), Sriram Parthasarathy (Vocal, Veena, Mridangam, Kanjira, Composer)Palakkad Sreeram (Vocal, Flute, Keyboard, Edakka, Nagaswaram and composer), Sadanam Harikumar (Carnatic musician, Kathakali artiste and kathakali musician, sculptor, artist and poet), Arackal Nandakumar(Carnatic and cine musician and visual artist), Iyer Bros (veena, art), Kuzhalmannam Ramakrishnan (Mridangam, art), Savita Narasimhan(Vocal, Art), Aishwarya Vidhya Raghunath (Vocal, Art), Ramana Balachandran (Veena, Mridangam), Ananya Ashok (Vacal, Veena), Raghava Krishna (Vocal, Magic, Animation and Art), Jayakrishnan Unni (Vocal, Art, Veena and Mridangam), Srivathsan S (Vocal, Cryptic crossword), Y G Srilatha Nikshith (Veena, Vocal and Bharathanatyam), Bharat Narayan (Vocal, Mridangam, Flute, Keyboard), Deepika and Nandika (Vocal and violin), V S Gokul (Violin and Mridangam) and Neyveli Sankaraprasadh (Mridangam and Vocal). They are names very familiar to the rasikas, highly sought after musicians who are also adept in more than one art form, juggling these artforms with ease. Through 20 minute videos that are self-shot by the musicians from their homes, each episode of Bahumukhi would introduce you to a lesser known facet of your favourite musician.

Each episode of this unique series will be uploaded on Sadhana’s Facebook page ( a daily basis from 1st June 2020 to 19th June 2020. We welcome all rasikas to the series and seek your support for its successful conduct.

Today, as the entire globe is facing a trying and disappointing phase as we fight Covid 19, we have all promised to remain indoor and to follow the lockdown protocol. In this light Sadhana also welcomes multi- faceted music students, music teachers and performers from around the world to participate in the series. If you are a multitalented musician who wish to showcase your many facets to the world, all that you have to do is to go live in facebok or upload a video in facebook by using the hashtag #bahumukhi and #sadhanaartsfoundation. You may also tag the Sadhana facebook page as you post your videos. (Please note that the videos can be uploaded from june 1st to June 20th and the time limit is 5-10 minutes).

Thank you :)

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#2 Re: Bahumukhi series

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watch the episodes aired till now here:

1. Sriram Parthasarathy (Vocal, Veena, Harmonium, his own composition, kanjira, konnakkol): ... 7071043/

2. Aishwarya Vidhya Raghunath (Vocal and Painting): ... 612177224/

3. Y G Srilatha Nikshith (Vocal, Veena and Bharathanatyam): ... 323856290/

4. Jayakrishnan Unni (Vocal, Veena, Sketching): ... 799224455/

5. Shankara Prasad (Mridangam, Vocal, Konnakol, Kanjira, avadhanam): ... 713822727/

6. Ananya Ashok (Vocal, Veena): ... 717400702/

7. Palakkad Sreeram (Vocal, Flute, Synth, Mridangam): ... 196211085/

8. Bharath Narayan(Vocal, Flute, Synth, Whistling): ... 917524419/

9. Raghava Krishna V R (Vocal, Magic, Art, Animation): ... 884022926/

10. Sadanam Harikumaran (Kathakali - abhinaya and kathakali sangeetham, Carnatic vocal, sculpting, design, composing): ... 561747929/

11. Iyer Brothers (Australia based Vainikas - Veena and Art): ... 149941796/

12. Kuzhalmannam Ramakrishnan (Mridangam, composing, innovation and art): ... 922224912/

the upcoming episodes feature S Srivathsan (June 13 - Music and cryptic crosswords), Sriram Parasuram (June 14 - Vocal and Violin), Deepika Nandika (June 15 - Violin and Vocal), Arackal Nandakumar (June 16- Vocal, Composing and painting), V S Gokul Alankode (June 17-Violin and Mridangam), Ramana Balachandran (June 18-Veena and Mridangam), Savita Narasimhan (June 19- Vocal and art)

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#3 Re: Bahumukhi series

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Please consider Youtube, rather than facebook, as a home for videos that you wish to make available long-term.

It is a better interface, and, perhaps most important, seems to have higher-quality sound. Of course, using both is always an option :)

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#4 Re: Bahumukhi series

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Another option is to upload the clips to Google Drive and share the link information in a single page in blogger.
A model can be ... l-was.html

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#5 Re: Bahumukhi series

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Yes, please have a channel on YT also.

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