difference between kuravanji and kavadi chindu

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#1 difference between kuravanji and kavadi chindu

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Could you please tell me difference between kuravanji and Kavadi chindu

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#2 Re: difference between kuravanji and kavadi chindu

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kuRavanji as a word means a woman (vanji) from the gypsy clan (kuRa). The musical/dance form of kuRavnji is actually an opera/nATyam that typically tells a stereotypical story with 3-4 major characters; a princess, her sakhi/tOzhi, a gypsy woman/kuRavanji called singi, and the gypsy woman's husband, called singA as an optional character. The story describes the love the princess has for the local deity or chieftain, and how, seeing her pine away, her sakhi reluctantly seeks the advice of a kuRavanji who foretells the princess' union with her love. Musically, the gypsy woman's parts are set in folk tunes, and choreographically, her movements are more sinuous, as opposed to the classicism of the tunes and movements of the other characters.
A kAvaDi cindu is a musical form in praise of murugA mainly, sung by his devotees as they go on a pilgrimage to his temples.

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