Get Well Soon - SP Balasubrahmanyam

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#1 Get Well Soon - SP Balasubrahmanyam

Post by rajeshnat »

Many of you may know that SP Balasubrahmanyam did test Covid Positive from Aug 05,2020. Today ,Aug14th 2020 SPB is critical as per the hospital bulletin.Certain set of friends and well wishes outside of did organize group prayer for SPB for him to get cured of Covid.

We from represent the most critical rasikas and artists community of classical carnatic music .I appeal each of you to pray for Shri SPB to GetWellSoon.

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#2 Re: Get Well Soon - SP Balasubrahmanyam

Post by CRama »

Praying for his speedy recovery

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#3 Re: Get Well Soon - SP Balasubrahmanyam

Post by thanjavooran »

Praying speedy recovery.

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#4 Re: Get Well Soon - SP Balasubrahmanyam

Post by SrinathK »

Damn, it was a nasty shock to hear the news yesterday as it seemed he would get better in short order. We're all praying for the legend -- SPB sir, recover and come back strong!

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#5 Re: Get Well Soon - SP Balasubrahmanyam

Post by ganesh_mourthy »

I was watching all his weekly episodes where he was talking about different prominent personalities who worked with him. He is a good and humble person liked by everyone , carnatic , light, north , south ....

The irony is that he used to make a special two minute warning and cautious note about how reckless people are and how important it is for them to take care of themselves.. This was week after week reminder from him. Clearly shows how creepy and insidious the virus is.

Take care folks!!!

( the problem could also be with sanitizers. We take it for granted. We cover our face with masks and that is OK., but how safe are our hands? The sanitizers loses its efficacy if stored for more than a month. The shops have dispensers that not always give enough. And people pat it gently for a second like a perumal kovil theertham , against the 30 second rub rule . A group of friends of mine conducting a study says this could be one of the big loop holes. Carry a small size in pocket and use it often even if you are provided a few drops of sanitizers ( you never know of its standard as they buy in bulk) at the public malls and shopping malls. Generous use and 30 seconds is crucial)

Sorry for highjacking the thread to a different topic.

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#6 Re: Get Well Soon - SP Balasubrahmanyam

Post by rajeshnat »

Group Prayer suggested for SPB on 20th August,2020 @6pm IST
There has been news for the past 8 hours that many legends are asking well wishers of SPB to have a group prayer tomorrow exactly at 6pm IST on 20th August with a song and silence . Let us also do .

I propose the song Thene Then Pandi Meene. The song is suggested for 3 main reasons

1. SPB Sings as solo with his rich voice and musical expressions.

2. The lyricist is Vaali . The composer is Illayaraja . The trio of Vaali-SPB-Illayaraja are the legends of legends who have shaped film music in the past 40 plus years with their respective excellence

3. The ragam of the song is Shankarabharanam. An apt raga that defines western and carnatic music with its major status

The below link has lyrics caption in english. You can choose to just hear or may be see the lyrics and gently sing if that way you find it more appropriate with/without family. I suggest we all play this song for exact 4 mins and 30 seconds, then continue for 90 to 120 seconds silence .That play and silence is on 20th August from 6 PM IST to 6:07 PM IST for SPB.
Thene Thenpandi | Udaya Geetham | Vaali | S. P. Balasubrahmanyam | Illayaraja | 1985

#GetWellSoon Smooth Performance Melodious Sir.

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#7 Re: Get Well Soon - SP Balasubrahmanyam

Post by shankarank »

Hard to believe , those are movies I actually saw in theaters! Also heard kaadhalin deepam onru that sprung up behind it - I am hearing those after may be couple of decades.

God speed his recovery!

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