A feast to ears ! S. AIshwarya & S. Saundarya - NOT TO MISS

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#1 A feast to ears ! S. AIshwarya & S. Saundarya - NOT TO MISS

Post by pattamaa »

Namkaskaram to everyone.

Well, what can one say about this ! This is just a layman's views and reqeust everyone with sensitive music ears (not just carnatic type) to hear this piece of work ! Just amazing singing, perfect synchornization, chords used appropriately when they sing swaras. Such a sruti suddham, sruthi aligned singing, very powerful singing without straining the voice, and such a practise and rehersal to get this perfection...

Well, now you can know who is known for this... None other than Bharath Rathna Dr. M.S.Subbulakshmi Amma, here her great grand daughters make her proud ! Just following her footsteps, they demonstrate what is perfection mean in all aspect, be it not overdoing rhythemic aspects, musical harmonies creating a magic spell - not sure if any vocalists have attempted ever !!

A razor sharp singing, do listen with your headphones on, if you care of good soulstirring music !

I would appreciate if anyone listetning to this masterpiece, write few lines of their opinion and feedback in this thread, as encouragement to artists.

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#2 Re: A feast to ears ! S. AIshwarya & S. Saundarya - NOT TO MISS

Post by rajeshnat »

Of late observing the musical sincerity of these two sisters. It is impressive for sure. Vathapi is a great song so many sangathis even in pallavi dikshitar has given so much hamsadhwani musical aura.

Young siblings like aishwarya and saundarya, anahita and apoorva certainly are coming up well.

In this vathapi the sisters reminds me of ranjani gayatri sisters . In swaras I hear a bit of harmonics with different overlapping notes like trichur brothers.

Best wishes to aishwarya saundarya.

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