Explore the Amazing Phenomenon of the Spine and Central Nerv

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#1 Explore the Amazing Phenomenon of the Spine and Central Nerv

Post by venkatakailasam » 21 Sep 2013, 06:49

All functions of the body are controlled and coordinated by a neural network (the central nervous system) that sends and receives electric impulses to and from the brain in order to coordinate optimal health and wellness.

Please take a moment to explore our Interactive Spine™. Roll your mouse over the different vertebrae to display an explanation of how each part of the spine affects different areas of the body.....

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#2 Re: Explore the Amazing Phenomenon of the Spine and Central

Post by cmlover » 21 Sep 2013, 07:07

That is a commercial site for chiropraxis.
One should consult a competent Medical Doctor before seeking help from a chiropractor.

Here is a Joke:
As the chiropractor adjusted his patient's spine, the two discussed the chiropractic profession.

"My doctor is very critical of chiropractors," said the patient.

"I can believe it," said the chiropractor. "Doctors frequently tell me I'm a quack and that my chiropractic techniques are pseudoscience. When are they going to learn that chiropractors are part of another science-based profession, providing real help to injured people?"

"That's exactly what my doctor said," noted the patient. "I was in to see him about my lung cancer, and he went off on a tirade about how the chiropractic profession relies on pseudoscience."

"Lung cancer, eh?" said the chiropractor. "Here, I'll adjust vertebrae number three, and that cancer should go away completely."
(Of couse the third thoracic spine T3 innervates the Lung area :) )

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