Purpose of this section

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#1 Purpose of this section

Post by srkris »

The purpose of having this section is to talk on issues concerning website problems that members face, and also to receive inputs from those who know how to resolve them.

This idea is based on Rajeshnat's suggestion on similar lines.

I would like to invite those who know SQL & php to kindly come forward to help us identify solutions to a few problems we are having. Thanks very much.

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#2 Adding tables or drawing to illustrate some point

Post by Manian »

Thanks for this window management.
When I want to add a table or drawing, there is no way to insert here (at least I don't know). The reason is, when some topics need explanation visuals are helpful. For example, when we talk about learning vowels from other languages how do we do it? What is the linguistic basis? The drawings will help to clarify the points. It is understood this is not a publication, but for sharing ideas such drawings will be helpful. For example, in the Tamil "i இ' is produced with the front of the tongue high in the alveolar region but not obstructing it, where as in the North Indian "i' is pronounced as ᵋ which has different frequency components. It will be useful to those who want to learn more and use it in their musical training.
Your replay will be appreciated.

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#3 Re: Purpose of this section

Post by RSR »

reg p-2
I would suggest that one can have his own blog , place the articles with images in blog posts there and give a link in rasikas.
instead of directly placing images here.
There are free and quality blog sites like WordPress and blogspot.

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