Mridangam for kids

To teach and learn Indian classical music
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#1 Mridangam for kids

Post by suhasini14 » 30 Jun 2017, 19:46


Is there any place in Chennai where we can buy mridangam for kids.

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Nick H
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#2 Re: Mridangam for kids

Post by Nick H » 30 Jun 2017, 22:57

Walk in and buy? Or order and have made?

That is, are you in Chennai, or coming here for a visit?

If you aer coming from abroad, you could call one of the musical instrument shops and enquire in advance. Shrutilaya and Saptaswara are both near to Luz corner. Google Maps Link.

But "kid?" could be anything from five months to fifteen years. How old? The really little ones, (like 3 or 4) probably won't manage to do much with the fingering anyway, but they can still manage the enthusiasm and learning some lessons.

First and foremost: take advice from child's guru.
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