Mathe Malayadhwaja by Students of Ranjani Gayatri

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#1 Mathe Malayadhwaja by Students of Ranjani Gayatri

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Mathe Malayadhwaja rendered by Students of Ranjani Gayatri:-

"Ranjani Gayatri's words on this..
As we faced the first Vijayadasami without our Gurus - both our revered Gurus Sri TS Krishnaswami Iyer and Sri PS Narayanaswamy are no more with us physically, we were overcome by an aching sense of loss. However, as we met our students, albeit virtually, this feeling of grief was replaced by comfort, positivity and a healing energy. This beautiful video that has been made by our beloved students just moved us to tears - gratitude, joy and pride fills our hearts. May our Gurus bless these children whom we are fortunate to mentor! ..."

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