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To teach and learn Indian classical music
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Post by shreya »

Can someone suggest a teacher for learning Music over skype from India for geetham /varnam level

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Post by msakella »

Dear b/s-member, shreya, No doubt, you will denitely find many music-teachers from India to teach you Karnataka-music over Skype. Of course, I also teach music over Yahoo messenger and Skype and my ID on both is ‘msakella2002’. But, as I always like more to make my music-teaching result oriented and time bound I don’t demand anything but your regular, heavy, concentrated and perfectly planned practice of music. At the first instance, unless a test is conducted and your rhythmical instinct is found to be at the required level I cannot start the lessons. More over, unless your age is below 15 years and unless you give the first preference to music allotting the minimum duration of 4 hours daily for regular practice upto Varnas and 6 hrs. from Kritis, that too preferably in the morning hours, and give next preference to general education by private study you cannot make a mark in the music field. To attain reasonable standards in the music field one must do all these things. Of course, I very well know that many of the aspirants will not appreciate my conditions. However, if you are interested, you can contact me and generally, unless the power is cut, I sit along with my PC in the morning around 8 a.m. to teach my students. amsharma,
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Post by sheshaank »

Dear Sir,

My name is sheshaank and I am learning violin . I would greatly appreciate if you could add my id sheshaank2020 to your yahoo messenger. I have few doubts and I would like to get it clarified from you.
I am moved by your immense service to this carnatic music field especially in a world where everyone sees their profession simply as a mercenary.

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Post by msakella »

Dear brother-member, sheshaank, Welcome. I shall definitely add your ID to my messenger’s list and help you in each and every manner I can as I have taken this music-teaching as a missionery but not as a mercenary. With best wishes, amsharma.

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Post by greatkrishna »


I am currently learning from P Ganesh of Carnatica Bros...both he and Shashikiran teach online via can find put more from their website at

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Post by shirni »

Hi Shreya,
I am learning from Mrs.Vasuki from Hyderabad over Skype.If you are interested her mail id is [email protected]

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Post by studentvidya »

Hi all,

Am learning from Bhavadhaarini Anantaraman from Chennai over G Talk. She teaches many students online and a very inspiring teacher. Her web is and her email id is [email protected]

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Post by kunnakkudybala »

I saw your posting only today. Though there are many hurdles in learning music thro skype it is only the option for students those who are not finding a good teacher nearby. It is possible for students having a basic knowledge in music. i.e sruthi and thala. I am teaching thro skype. My skype id is 'kunnakkudybala'. If you contact me once I may able to give you more details.

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Post by mohan »

Dear Smt Kunnakkudy Bala - Happy to note you have joined this forum. My late father-in-law, Sri Karaikudi Kannan, learnt for a number of years from your father Sri Kunnakudy Venkataraman Iyer.

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Post by msakella »

Dear brothers & sisters, Nowadays learning music, of course Vocal, through Yahoo Messenger or Skype is very convenient to the aspirants. The aspirants residing far off from their teacher can save much of their energy, money and the invaluable time by avoiding the journey to go to their teacher. But, to the aspirants who have the required instinctive level of rhythm and Shruti, it is easier also to learn it. And at the same time, the teacher also must be able to, at the first instance, assess these instinctive levels of the aspirants, just like an efficient doctor who properly diagnoses the illness of the diseased patient and prescribes suitable medicine, sincerely reveals whether the aspirant is fit to learn music or not and prescribes suitable rhythmical-lessons, at the first instance, to stabilize his rhythmical abilities which pave way for his/her daily progress in learning music. Here, even though many of the music teachers do not appreciate my action, I would like to prescribe a primary basic rhythmical-test for all the music teachers irrespective of their stature. Any person who is unable to reproduce the 3rd and 6th Laya-exercises furnished in ‘karnataka violin exercises’ or ‘karnataka violin lessons’ under the website ‘YouTube-Broadcast Yourself’ or '' is basically unfit to teach music to the aspirants and many are not aware that such inefficient teacher even spoils the latent talents of the aspirants. The relevant video links of the same could be obtained from the main thread, Sangeeta Kalalaya, sub-thread, Teaching/Learning Karnataka Violin, in post No.54. Aftrer opening the video link by keeping the mouse at the bottom of the playing-video you will get a series of videos along with the respective title and you can have the video of your choice by clicking the required number of them.
Just like learning our Vedas, music alo, being one of these Vedas, must be learnt only at the younger age and even to a talented aspirant much of the learnig and practice of music must become over even before attaining the age of 15 years. The gradual increase of age above that causes the gradual decrease of abilities to learn music. In many of my posts under various threads of this forum time and again I, many a time, have been used to bring out many facts of teaching or learning Karnataka music, which have been proved in my experiments upon a number of aspirants. As the aspirant only has to get music he only must regularly practice much with very high level of perseverance but not the teacher also, in lieu of the money he charges, along with the aspirant. An efficient, sincere, impartial, well-disciplined, ideal and loyal teacher must know when, what and how to directly or indirectly teach or properly initiate or properly guide the aspirant only to make him independent in all aspects of music. While teaching the cooking methods to her daughter the mother should make her daughter sit in the kitchen and the mother herself should demonstrate and define each and every detail of cooking for a couple of weeks. Later, for another couple of weeks, she should sit in the kitchen and make her daughter cook every thing properly on her own in her presence. Later, still for another couple of weeks, she should make her daughter cook efficiently even in her absence in the process to make her daughter independent in all aspects of cooking. In the same manner the vigilant teacher should train the aspirants. The aspirants efficiently trained by such a teacher can very well prosper even by learning by Yahoo Messenger or Skype. amsharma.
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Post by sp2003 »

Contact Mrs Bhuvana Satish on sbss_rpg at yahoo dot com. She is based in Velachery, Chennai if you want face to face lessons too!


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Post by krvidhyaa »

Again For All Who Want To Learn From India, You May Contact Brhaddvani Based At Chennai. Their Website Is Available In Links And The Phone Number Is 044-42081813. They Teach Through Internet Also.

Shyamala Rangarajan
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Post by Shyamala Rangarajan »

I am Shyamala Rangarajan. Those who want to learn Carnatic Music - Vocal, through INTERNET may contact me. For the past 1 year, I have been training students of different age profiles and with varied expectations and living in different countries thro Internet. The feedback I receive from my students is that learning Carnatic Music - Vocal, thro Internet is no different from coventional face-to-face learning.

I am an MA in Indian Music from Madras University. I had the good fortune to be trained by eminent personalities like - Shri Calcutta Krishnamurthy, Shri S. Rajam, Smt Suguna Varadachari etc. I have performed in different sabhas in India and I am an accredited artist of the AIR. For the past 20 years, I have been involved in training the younger generation in Carnatic Music. I live in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India. My contact telephone no is 0431 2430704. My email id is [email protected]. My skype id is srangarajan47. I welcome queries from the readers.

[email protected]
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Post by [email protected] »

anything given free is not valued!!
what are the charges generally paid as fees per class/sitting/song/hour for on line classes ?

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Post by sundaresankr »

Hi All,

Need to know about any music teacher in and around Secunderabad, would like to learn carnatic music... Sat n Sun classes would be fine.... Please advise

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Post by kunnakkudybala »

Reg. fees............

In general , fees depends on many aspects. aptitude of the student, time, and ofcourse depends on the teacher. unless you have a talk with the teacher it may not be able to prescribe the fees.
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Post by HeyNarayana »

sundaresankr, what level are you looking for in Sec'bad?

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Post by ranjani33 »

Smt.Sankari Krishnan (Senior Disciple of Padmabhushan Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman) offers carnatic vocal classes on Skype..
For further details visit:

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Post by venkkrishy »

Dear Mr.Sharma,

This is Venkatakrishnan, Saw all you post really impressed with you way of putting up things.Looking forward to talk to you soon in skype.

Am Currently Working in Netherlands and hence sadly couldnt continue my violin classes,i have been trying my level best to start my classes soon with my tutor from the time i came here, but somehow it didnt workout from him, and i have no interest the quit the hard work ( even be it so very minimal for the past 6 Years) I have been learning violin for the past 6yrs and have no interest to forgo my ambition. Well honestly my abilities may be little, but i have enuf time and patience to learn it the best.

Well i have no interest to learn violin to make money, bcos by gods grace am blessed with a good job which fetches me a good sum, well to be frank it all started as a hobby and sometime i realised that it has become a passion for me, when i was in India, i always complained that i never had time to practice, when am here now i have enuf time, and do a very little practice, since am in a dilemma whether will i be able to continue to live up to my ambition.

Looking forward to hear from you shortly. My Skype id is venkkrishy.


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Post by jayshri »

Dear all

Iam MS Jayshri Prakash a carnatic musician by profession. I give concerts in India and abroad. Lately i have been teaching students who are in india and abroad over the skype. Actively there are about 20 students who learn from me from all over the world. I teach right from the basics(those who want to )and i give customised classes after discussing with the students their interests and needs. If u are interested please contact me in [email protected]. for further details visit my website


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Post by kamana »

dear all

I m new to rasika and im based in Chicago. I learn carnatic music from MS Jayshri Praksh who is based in Bangalore and teaches over the skype and in person. She is a very dedicated teacher .very informative and commited to her work....lot of students learn from her frm singapore,australia,US....and even India. I feel those who are looking for online classes must learn from Jayshri Prakash. For more details contact
[email protected]

rgds kamana

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Post by maniprakash »

I am Mani Prakash. I have done 4 year certificate in music from Govt Music college Rajahmundry
I have taught face to face music classes previously
I have composed ,sung and wrote lyrics to devotional albums to
I stay in hyderabad .India
If anybody is interested in online music sessions through skype (or any other internet messenger) please contact me at [email protected]

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Post by bhavana »

dear all

Iam learning from MS Jayshri Prakash in bangalore. She is a thorough professional and used to give concerts both india and abraod. becasue of some politics that we are aware of in the profession she has stopped concerts and is building a fantastic online music school with amazing features. She takes dedicated class over skype and face to face. She has sophisticated systems and fee is reasonable. She does not advertice much cause she picks and chooses her students.

Rgds bhavana

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Post by priyaravi1998 »

Hi everyone,
I have been learning Carnatic Music thro skype. As I did not find a Teacher in my area I decided to try learning thro skype and it proved to be a very good decision. My teacher Mrs Shyamala Rangarajan is from Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India. I am fortunate to have come across her in my search for a teacher to teach me Carnatic Music - Vocal. Though she is a performing artist, she is strong in Music Theory and Teaching also. She is very knowledgeable and patient. Her practice of sending the script and notations to her students, is well appreciated by me and her other students.

I shared this information just for the benefit of those desiring to learn Carnatic Music but dont know how to proceed. The email id of Mrs Shyamala Rangarajan is [email protected].

Regards - Priya Ravi

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Post by Violin_Suresh »

Hi All,

You may get in touch with me over skype id violin905 or [email protected], am taking Online Violin,Keyboard and Vocal classes through Skype.


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Post by subhahhariprasad »

Hi Shreya,

I take carnatic vocal classes through skype. If you are interested i will take class for you. you mail your opinion. my mail ID is [email protected]

Sreyas Narayanun
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Post by Sreyas Narayanun »


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Post by balusatya »

I am in need of a veena teacher to teach for my niece in Boston (has learnt for the past 2years).

ajay nambudiri
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Post by ajay nambudiri »

i have been teaching carnatic through skype and its find very convenient .....If some one very seriously wants to learn, you are welcome......
check out my blog

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Post by asangeetha »


There is a new service launched to help students learn online called Its interesting.


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#31 Re: Skype Music classes from India

Post by Anusha »

I seek help from skype users.
I am having some issues with my skype connection. My voice echoes at the receiver end. And, I get a breaking voice from the other end. Tried some trouble shooting tips given on Skype help. Didn’t help.

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#32 Re: Skype Music classes from India

Post by satyabalu »

* Any suggestion for a person to learn flute through any of the modes who is in UAE ?He has performed in the junior slot during Music season a few years back.

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#33 Re: Skype Music classes from India

Post by reethigowla »

Anusha wrote:I seek help from skype users.
I am having some issues with my skype connection. My voice echoes at the receiver end. And, I get a breaking voice from the other end. Tried some trouble shooting tips given on Skype help. Didn’t help.
Hi Anusha,
Any progress made on this? We are in the same boat and I am playing with my settings for the past 1 month, problem is that I can't do the troubleshooting during the class. If you have fixed your problem, do you mind sharing the solution? If not, can we help each other in troubleshooting?

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#34 Re: Skype Music classes from India

Post by Anusha »

No progress. I re-installed the latest version of skype. That didn't help. I plan to resume my classes from January. I will have to do away with skype and go in person.

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#35 Re: Skype Music classes from India

Post by sramaswamy »

It might be an issue with the sound card on your computer. Maybe you can try to get a different sound card installed or use a USB sound adapter.

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#36 Re: Skype Music classes from India

Post by chalanata »

your broadband width is inadequate. Please go in for a higher plan.

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#37 Re: Skype Music classes from India

Post by geetraj »

I am Geetha and I am based at Bangalore. I have a masters degree in carnatic vocal music trained under Mahamahopadhyaya Nookala Chinna Satyanarayana, Vidushi smt. Savitri Annaji Rao. Experienced expert tutoring for advanced levels in vocal music ranging from varnams to ragam tanam pallavi, Annamacharya, Devarnamas and other carnatic devotionals imparted in the conventional method and also online thru skype, gtalk or yahoo. For more details please email me at [email protected].

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#38 Re: Skype Music classes from India

Post by msakella »

Hi, all!
While teaching the driving of a motor-cycle it is essential to make the aspirant sit in the front seat of the machine and the teacher must initiate him/her to drive the machine giving the needed instructions sitting behind him/her in the pillion seat. In the same manner even in cooking the teacher must initiate the aspirant to make things on his own. In the same manner, as music is a performing art it is always essential to invariably link the process of learning along with the practical experience. Very strictly following this manner this modern method facilitates to reasonably quicken the process of teaching basing upon the instinctive abilities of the aspirant. Thus, in this method, mostly, the teacher initiates the aspirant to start and proceed further basing upon the Casio-synthesiser (MA-150 or LK-230 having the facility of Metronome and Transpose), some audio-files furnished in mp3 CD, some video-files furnished in ‘’s channel’ and notated books. Much vigilant care is taken by the teacher in observing his regular progress and in initiating him/her further each time. In this system initiating the aspirant in singing Varnas play a very important role which ultimately enables the aspirant proceed further even in learning Kritis mostly on his own. More over, even before the completion of Varnas, the aspirant becomes able to sing even intricate mathematical Svarakalapana and brief Ragalapana on his own along with singing and writing notation. To tell the fact, if any aspirant is unable (1) to complete the learning of important Varnas (2) to sing both Poorvanga and Uttaranga of each Varna @ 4, 6 & 8 units (3) to learn Kritis on his own and (4) to sing mathematical Svarakalpana and brief Ragalapana - all possibly within the duration of 1 ½ years maximum it must be presumed that the teaching is highly defective.

In this ‘time-bound and result-oriented’ plan enabling the aspirant in the 4 items mentioned above, one aspirant of 11 years of age and with a little background in music up to Gitas could learn them in 15 days, another aspirant of 15 years of age and with a little background in music up to Gitas could learn in 3 months, another aspirant of 11 years of age and with a little background in music up to Gitas could learn in 4 months, another aspirant of 7 years of age and without any background in music could learn in one year. Thus, depending upon their instinctive abilities, the kids could learn things fast.

Since last three years I have been writing various details of the modern method in teaching music in this sub-thread ‘AMS Easy Methods-2007-CD Teacvhing & Learning Methods’ under the main thread ‘ Music School’ for the sole benefit of the aspirants, their parents and the so-called music-teachers expecting some noble, efficient, honest and reliable teacher follow this method for the relief of some aspirant and his/her parents. Moreover, this modern method has also been brought out in the head ‘Get Carnatisized’ of for the benefit of all. But, the absolute silence sincerely maintained by all the music-teachers on the globe in properly responding to this topic has obviously proved beyond any doubt that no music teacher upon earth is ready either to quicken the process of teaching and accordingly to minimise his/her regular income or to take the additional responsibility of inculcating the knowledge of Svarakalpana and Ragalapana etc., of Manodharma-sangita in the aspirant which has all along been avoided wantonly and thrown upon the aspirant himself/herself in the useless traditional method of teaching.

Now, as no music teacher is interested in following this modern method in teaching even for the benefit of the aspirant and his/her parents, I, even at this old age, have decided to help even a very limited number of able and hardworking aspirants through Skype if the aspirants are ready to work hard and the parents also take the responsibility in making their kids work hard as per the schedule given by me. If, in any case, this is not very strictly adhered to either by the aspirant or the parents I shall be compelled to stop at any time.

The aspirant must be strictly between 8 and 12 years of age. This condition is relaxable for 2 years on either side depending upon the instinctive talent, grasping power and hard work of regular practice of the aspirant. The progress of each and every aspirant will certainly be noted and vigilantly observed to continue him/her on the rolls.

At the first instance, there will be a test to assess the instinctive talent of rhythm of the aspirant. If it is found satisfactory another test in Shruti follows. If the aspirant is found satisfactory in both the aspects of Laya and Shruti he/she will later be initiated to practice different rhythmical exercises regularly to increase his/her rhythmical abilities. Only after attaining certain level of rhythm lessons in music will be started. The aspirant must regularly practice for a minimum 2 to 3 hrs. up to the end of learning Gitas and 3 to 4 hrs. of regular practice up to the end of Varnas irrespective of their other activities or engagements.

The aspirant has to attend the class thrice in a week on alternative days. The duration of the class will be between 5 mts., and 45 mts., basing upon the need. Any aspirant will mostly and efficiently be trained up to Varnas making him/her able to proceed further with learning Kritis on his own with minimum assistance of the teacher.

Interested parents of the aspirants can contact me through the ID ‘msakella2002’ on Skype or my phone numbers, 040-27054232 or 040-27051110 or 9908822992 to know the terms and conditions.

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#39 Re: Skype Music classes from India

Post by sandhyashree »

Hi all,

I am interested in guiding students online. I am a disciple of Shri MS Akella.

Those interested may email me at [email protected],


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#40 Re: Skype Music classes from India

Post by Abi0896 »

Hi , U can Contact +91 9952751368 for Carnatic music classes and bhajans for kids and ladies through Skype.

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#41 Re: Skype Music classes from India

Post by anusamrat »

I am looking for carnatic music class through Skype. I am not a beginner - I am looking for guidance on rAga Alapanai and kalpana swaram.
Please recommend someone from whom you have taken lessons and find them to be actually interested in teaching and sharing their knowledge (and not focused only on the money).

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#42 Re: Skype Music classes from India

Post by Abi0896 »

Myself Carnatic music teacher having 5+ yrs of teaching experience in carnatic as well as bhajans for all age groups.

Currently i am handling classes in various institutes and also skype classes for abroad students living in california, phillipines , muscat ,bangalore , sweden,etc...and in many other countries students.
Its all one-to-one attention with students comfort .
Dedication towards and i love teaching

Interested to join can ping me +91 9952751368

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#43 Re: Skype Music classes from India

Post by sonasanthanam »

Hello all, these seem like posts from a decade ago. Do Gurus listed in this forum still teach classes? Also, does anyone know of others who would be willing to teach someone with experience in singing for several years but wants to improve on alapana, neraval, kalpana swaram? Thank you so much for the response.

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#44 Re: Skype Music classes from India

Post by saiprabhakar »

My name is sai prabhakar. I teach flute and keyboard online. My class includes singing of bhajans, small kirtana in various Indian languages. I live in chennai, india. My Skype ID saiprabhakar7.

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#45 Re: Skype Music classes from India

Post by Ramya29 »

Check out for online classes in Indian classical music.

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