Mini size mridangam for kids

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Post by sankirnam » 25 Mar 2008, 09:48

Yes, best to wait until 6 years old, starting earlier tends to be fruitless as the kid is too young to be able to pay attention or practice for any extended period of time.
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Nick H
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Post by Nick H » 25 Mar 2008, 10:05

There is an age before which it is just not physically possible to play properly due to the size of hands and fingers, but even if mastery of the instrument must wait a year or two, it is never too early to start learning the lessons.

I've taught some very small children. Learning and saying these lessons can be a lot of fun for them. When I first started taking that class of beginners for my teacher I was most worried by how I would handle the little ones. They turned out to be the most enjoyable of all!
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Post by ragapriya » 27 Mar 2008, 23:05

nick H, thanks for your encouraging views..

Sankirnam, I guess we cant generalise it to all kids of that age..for I have seen kids just 7 or 8yrs (Abhilash, Erode Anantharaman to name a couple) old perform concerts like a pro in chennai! That just goes to show that kids who are truly interested in Cm at an early age do involve themselves in learning/practising like any other older kid or adult.

Not that my son is like them, but I know he truly loves cm and can be made to practise what he learns at his age.
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#29 Re: Mini size mridangam for kids

Post by rangankv » 13 Nov 2016, 22:45

We make synthetic Mridangams with fibreglass shell and synthetic drum heads. Male, female pitch Mridangams are currently available and shortly we are going to releaase an 18" mridangam sutable for kids. This mridangam will be in the Female Pitch (F-A).Please check our website For details mail me at [email protected].
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