Rasikashri quiz on rAgas

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Post by drshrikaanth » 15 Jan 2007, 05:02

Dear friends.
I will shortly be putting up the quiz on rAgas at 00hrs GMT. It is my sankrAnti/pongal gift to you all. Happy sankrAnti! Individual participants can please email their answers to me at

[email protected]

The quiz will consist of several rounds, partly theoretical and partly audio. This, I believe, is a beter way of knowing what one knows(plus it offsets the aid received from google :)
I have chosen "Rasikashri" as the name for the quiz as it represents all rasikas (And the Quizmaster, yours truly)

Audio clips I will host on rogepost and another alternative(not rapidshare).

First round is theory. Now for some rules

1- The questions are to be answered from ones knowledge. Try and avoid googling for answers. Even if google is used, the audio rounds will offset the effect.

2- They are not MCQs(ultiple-choice). Instead, some of the questions are polythematic and have more than one answer. This will be clear from the question itself. There will be no tricks and the quiz is Not about catching out people. It is a fun way of learning for all of us.

3- I have set a time limit of 16 hours for sending in your replies. I will be somewhat flexible about the time. So please do send in your replies even if a little over the stipulated time.

4- There will be No negative marking

5- Discussions after each round are welcome and can be done on the "Suggestions for quiz" thread in the general section. Suggestions are welcome. However

6- Quizmaster's decision will be final.

This thread will be locked to avoid any posts. Only questions and subsequently, answers will be given this thread by myself.

The winner will get an online certificate signed by the Quizmaster.

ALl the very best to all of you. Have a nice time. The first round will be easy.
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Post by drshrikaanth » 15 Jan 2007, 05:32

Round 1 (Theory)

1) Historically, which author is first known to have used the term "rAga" in musical parlance?

2) Who is credited to have first classified rAgas under mELas?

3) Before PurandaradAsaru systematised the beginning lessons(saraLe, jaNTi varases and alankAras) in mAyA mALavagauLa, which rAga were they taught in?

4) Which rAga was the basic heptatonic in Ancient tamizh isai? What is its name in the paNN system?

5) How many kinds of gamakas are popularly described?

6) What is the origin of the name yadukula kAmbOdhi?

7) rAga cintAmaNi handled by SyAmA SAStri is sung under 2 different mELas( as a janya of 2 different mELas). Which are these mELas?

8) Who modified rAga khamAc into a bhAShAnga rAga? Which is the bhAShAnga swara?

9) What are rAgas with 4 notes/swaras called?

10) Name rAgas ending in "dESi"(suffix) and mention a composition in each.
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Post by drshrikaanth » 15 Jan 2007, 15:36

Entries received so far- Mohan, Ramakriya, venkatpv, ksrimech, rajeshnat, vijay, Suji Ram. Hurry up guys. Am awaiting the rest of you to send in yours.
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Post by drshrikaanth » 15 Jan 2007, 20:50

More entries received

Sridevi, mnsriram, Ranjani, Jayaram, Arunk.
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Post by drshrikaanth » 16 Jan 2007, 04:38

Ok Guys.

The answers are here

1- matanga in bRhaddESi

2- vidyAraNya yati in sangIta samayasAra that is so copiously quoted and referred to by later authors.

3- kharaharapriya

4- harikAmbOdhi, it is called kurinjippaNN and also sempAlai

5- Ten- daSavdhagamakas which is referred to by dIkShitar in "mInAkShi mEmudam dEhi" as "vINAgAna daagamakakriyE". More have been described in some texts (15 etc)

6- From the erukula/ erakalu tribe of traditional boatsmen who are said to have sung a melody akin to this rAga

7- ShaNmukhapriya, the 56th mELa and rAmapriya, the 52nd mELa (BMK sings this version). janya rAgas by name cintAmaNi are also present for the 7th, 26th, 51st and 59th mELas as pointed out by Laskhman in his answers. These rAga are however ver different from what SyAmA SAStri has used, and restricted only to books)

8- maisUru vAsudEvAcAr, kAkalI niShAda

9- svarAntara rAgas

10- ArdradESi- SrI gaNESAtparam of dIkShitar
nAmadESi- narmadAkAvErI tIra of dIkShitar
mArgadESi- magaLadEvatE of dikshitar
SuddhadESi- entu kaugilintu of tyAgarAja, raghunandana of tyAgarAja and
kAmAkShi mAmpAhi of dIkShitar
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Post by drshrikaanth » 18 Jan 2007, 05:23

Friends! I will shortly be posting the second round of the Rasikashri quiz. This will be an audio round. The files that I will be posting are tiny ones and should pose no problems at all for downloading. Just in case, I have uploaded them on 2 alternate sites- rogepost and uploadr. Also, to make it even more conveniet, I have also zipped all the files together and uploaded as one (Only about 4.5mb in all).

The files have all been named appropriately and should pose no confusion. Please ensure that when you send in your answers, Write the file name and your answer beside it.

This round, I will accept only one entry to ensure equity and fairness. No subsequent addenda please. The round is open to anyone, even those who may not have answered round 1. This round also carries 20 marks.

You will have 48 hours to send in your answers. So please take you time and answer. Good luck to all of you. Any difficulties, please let me know.
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Post by drshrikaanth » 18 Jan 2007, 05:33

Round 2 (Audio round 1)

1)Here are 4 short clips of rAga AlApane by various artists. Identify the rAgas.



(The clips are named AlApane 1, 2, 3 & 4 and have been zipped together)

2) Now I present 4 clips of preludes/interludes from film songs. Identify the rAgas



(The clips are named Film 1, 2, 3, & 4 and have been zipped together)

3) Here are 2 clips of artistes performing grahabhEda. Identify
a) Original rAga
b) New rAga created by the use of grahabhEda
c) swara/note of the original rAga on which grahabhEda is performed.



(The clips are named grahabheda 1 & 2 and have been zipped together )

4) You will now hear excerpts of swaraprastAra in 2 rAgas.
a) Identify the rAga
b) Identify the ArOhana- avarOhaNa
c) Identify swarasthAnas. (Please specify the names of swaras as kaiSiki, kAkali etc to avoid confusion)



(The clips are named swara 1 & 2 and have been zipped together)


For ease of download, I have zipped all the 12 files together and uploaded them as one file. (Less than 4.5 mb)



Please write the correct file name and your answers against it. If there are subdivisons a,b & c, please specify that as well against your answers. If you can make it clearer by using full sentences, then great!
So folks, Best of luck.
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Post by drshrikaanth » 20 Jan 2007, 05:52

Answers for Round 2 (Audio round 1)

1) AlApane 1- asAvEri
AlApane 2- bEgaDe
AlApane 3- sAvEri
AlApane 4- abhOgi

2) Film 1- rEvati
Film 2- karNATaka dEvagAndhAri/abhEri
Film 3- bilahari
Film 4- ShaNmukhapriya

3) grahabhEda 1- a) nAgaswarAvali
b) hamsadhvani
c) madhyama

grahabhEda 2- a) kalyANi
b) tODi
c) niShAda

4) swara 1- a) gauLipantu
b) SRMPNS | SNDPMGRS || (avarOhaNa variants such as
SNDP(M)DMGRS accepted
c) ShaDja, Suddha RShabha, antaragAndhAra, pratimadhyama in this clip (Suddha madhyama accepted) pancama, Suddha dhaivata, kAkali niShaDA

swara 2- a) naThabhairavi
c) ShaDja, caturaSruti RShabha, sAdhAraNa gAndhAra, Suddha
madhyama, pancama, Suddha dhaivata, kaiSiki niShAda.
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Post by drshrikaanth » 23 Jan 2007, 05:32

Rasikashri quiz Round 3

1) For a rAga to have ranjakatva/melodic worth, a minimum of how many swaras should be present according to tradition?

2) Name the equivalent carnatic rAga for kEdAr in hindUstAni music.

3) Name the equivalent hindUstAni rAga for the karNATaka rAga mOhanakalyANi.

4) Who brought rAgas bhAnucandrike and bhUpALapancama to light by first composing in them?

5) In the days of yore, some musicians have specialised in singing a praticular rAga so much so that their name came to be associated with that rAga. Give one name each of famous musicians from the past that have been associated with
a) bhairavi
b) nArAyaNagauLa

6) 2 rAgas that are exclusively sung in madhyama Sruti today were orginally sung in normal Sruti(ShaDja) spanning 2 or 3 octaves. Name these two rAgas.

7) SrI tyAgarAja, while on a visit, is famed to have elaborated one particular rAga each day of a week and sung a new composition of his in the rAga on each day. Which rAga is it?

8) What is special about the use of dhaivata in singing/playing SrIrAga?

9) When are 2 swaras called vivAdi swaras?

10) Who elaborated the 90 mELa system?

11) Which rAga is said to have been sung by Lord hanumanta to make a stone melt?

12) What was the name of rAga mOhana in the copper plates of annamAcArya songs?

13) In rAga Arabhi, this swara is weak, not a nyAsa, never sung as jaNTi(duplicate), and yet cannot be omitted. Which is this swara?

14) How are rAgas rEvagupti and bhUpALa different?

15) While singing, what is the difference between the rAgas gamakakriya and pUrvikalyANi?

16) The gowLAnta kRtis (nIlOtpalAmbA series) of muttuswAmi dIkShitar are well known. But the same set of rAgas were also set in a rAgamAlike by a skilled composer prior to dIkShitar's times. Who was this composer?

17) prabandhas are ancient compositions. Some of these prabandhas had rAga, tALa etc specified for them. Which rAga was the swarAnka prabandha always sung in?

18) During the haridAsa period, among the many rAgas known, a set number of rAgas occupied the pride of place.How many were they?
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Post by drshrikaanth » 23 Jan 2007, 05:36

Dear friends
Please ensure that you accurately number each answer(question number, and subdivision where applicable). This round too carries 20 marks. Each subdivision carries 1 mark. You have 24 hours to answer the questions. I will put up the correct answers at midnight tomorrow.

Please do Not give alternate answers if you are not sure. Narrow your answer down to one. Otherwise, I will not be giving marks.

All the Best
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Post by drshrikaanth » 24 Jan 2007, 06:19

Ok friends. Here are the answers for Round 3

1) 5 swaras is a minimum requirement

2) hamvIru/ hamIrkalyANi

3) SuddhakalyAN/bhUpkalyAN

4) HHJC oDeyar

5) a) Bhairavi kempEgauDa, venkaTasubbayya, lakShmInArAyaNappa
b) nArAyaNagauLa kuppayyar (vINA kuppayyar)

6) nAdarAmakriya/nAdanAmakriya & saindhavi

7) dEvagAndhAri

8) The dhaivata is used only once (as part of PDNP phrase)

9) When there is an interval of just one SRuti between the 2 swaras (EkaSruti)

10) paNDarIka viThala

11) guNDakriya (And its variants in spelling)

12) rEgupti/raghupati

13) gAndhAra

14) They differ in the gAndhAra. bhUpALa features sAdhAraNa gAndhAra and is a janya of dhuni bhinnaShaDja or tODi mELas. rEvagupti has antara gAndhAra and is a janya of mAyA mALavagauLa.

15) None :)

16) Shahaji maharaja

17) mALavaSrI

18) 32(battIsa rAgagaLu)
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Post by drshrikaanth » 01 Feb 2007, 05:30

Rasikashri quiz Round 4 (Audio)

1) Here I present clippings of 5 folk songs. Identify the rAga. (Map to the nearest rAga).



2) Now you will hear short clips of 5 different rAgas showing their characteristic phrases. Identify the rAgas.



3) karNATaka sangIta boasts of some closely allied rAgas. I present for you clips of 3 allied rAgas. Identify these rAgas.



4) Here is another pair of allied rAgas. Identify them.



5) karNATaka sangIta is famed for its gamakas- those characteristic embellishments of notes. Individual swaras in some rAgas are rendered with such charcteristic gamakas that playing just the note is enough to identify tha rAga without any doubt. Here are 5 such notes from different rAgas. Identify them.
(The notes have labelled with their swarasthAnas to avoid confusion).




All files zipped together


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Post by drshrikaanth » 01 Feb 2007, 05:33

Please number the answers correctly. Do indicate the subdivisions. I will not accept any mix-ups or answers without question numbers marked against them

And do not give alternate answers.

You have 48 hours to send in your entries. This round too, as the earleir ones, carries 20 marks.

All the very best.
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Post by drshrikaanth » 03 Feb 2007, 05:34

Answers for Rasikashri Quiz round 4 (Audio)

1) Folk songs
Folk 1- mOhana/SuddhasAveri
Folk 2- kuranji
Folk 3- madhyamAvati
Folk 4- jhunjUTi/sencuruTTi
Folk 5- vakuLAbharaNa

Phrase 1- punnAgavarALi
Phrase 2- nIlAmbari
Phrase 3- sAma
Phrase 4- kannaDa
Phrase 5- husEni

3) Allied triplet
Allied 1- hamIrkalyANi/hamviru
Allied 2- sAranga
Allied 3- behAg

4) Allied pair
Allied 4- nAyaki
Allied 5- darbAru

5) swaras
niShAda 1- kayANi
niShAda 2- suraTi
niShAda 3- bRndAvana sAranga
RShabha 1- madhyamAvati
RShabha 2- Shahana
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