Continuity of gamakas

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#1 Continuity of gamakas

Post by violin_balan » 20 Nov 2016, 08:25

[Beginner question; self-learning mostly from AMS and Shivkumar's lessons on the violin]

I'm confused about the continuity in gamakas. I was originally under the impression that the oscillations were continuous across the spectrum. For example, Da in Mohanam would be da - sa - da - sa - da and these would be continuous slides from da to sa. But as I'm trying to process more information, I'm seeing instances where the gamakas involve discrete jumps. These are a few instances: (i) Ga in Todi is supposed to rock between Ri and Ma with no Ga at all), (ii) The Ni in begada's avrohanam is Da2-sa-Ni3-Sa without touching Ni3, (iii) In mohanam Ma should never appear (does that mean janta gamakam for Ga should rock between Pa and Ga).

I'm wondering if these are one-off cases or I have a misunderstanding. I would appreciate some enlightenment here: should gamakas skip notes that don't belong to a raaga.

Thank you!
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#2 Re: Continuity of gamakas

Post by msakella » 20 Nov 2016, 17:03

The reply to this post is posted in the sub-thread ‘Teaching/Learning Karnataka Violin’ of the main-thread ‘Beginners’ Q & A – Learning area’ being more relevant with this topic. amsharma
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