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To teach and learn Indian classical music
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Post by mdr_fan » 20 Apr 2018, 23:09

I've been listening to carnatic music for the last 20 years but have never formally learnt it. I'm looking for a good teacher, that can teach online, to learn theory, understand the nuances in a thani avarthanam or mridangam playing for a song, etc so that I can appreciate layam better. Ideally looking for a teacher that's patient, interested in teaching, can spend time (no 15-minute classes) and is not purely in it just for the money. There are some teachers that just see $$$ signs when someone from the US reaches out and exhibit very poor professionalism (teaching multiple students at the same time, not showing up on time, being constantly distracted while teaching, speaking rudely, etc). Would like to avoid such teachers based on past experience.
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