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To teach and learn Indian classical music
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Post by msakella » 08 Dec 2008, 01:39

Dear brother-member, vansanthakokilam, Thanks a lot for your kind appreaciation and cooperation in each and every manner. I am a little bit busy in going outstation. After my return I shall go through that site and see. amsharma
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Post by ganesh_mourthy » 08 Dec 2008, 07:50

there is bsplayer and gomplayer that handles all video files efficiently. by the by the for those who had downloaded youtube I think Realplayer is the best. it sharpens the qualitiy of flv files actually
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Post by bilahari » 08 Dec 2008, 08:23

Thank you very much VK and ganesh_mourthy--I was able to watch the video using the VLC player. And Sharma sir, that was indeed a video worth the wait! Your student's fingering, from keeping all the fingers together in the position you've always advocated, the position of the thumb, his capable use of the top half of the A string even in the second speed with minimal loss of shruti and clarity (clearly a result of the single-string fingering exercises you have uploaded before), his consistent kala pramanam, smooth transition between speeds, consistent fingering, are all a testament to your incredible teaching skills and to the wonderful dedication of your sishya as well! This really was quite inspiring, as ganesh_mourthy said. Thank you!
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Post by msakella » 08 Dec 2008, 09:25

Today, just now I have finished the uploading of the video-clippings of Bhairavi-Svarajati to ‘youtube.com/msakella’ under the following reference for the benefit of our aspirants. By this , only by the grace of the Almighty, I was able to fulfill my long cherished desire of providing the Violin-demonstrations of all the 9-Varnas and Svarajati in detail to all our aspirants with the incessant appreciation and cooperation of all our members. I shall be much obliged if you all go through all of them and write your valuable suggestions and views.
Having become afraid that the video-clipping of entire Svarajati may also be rejected by ‘youtube’, being very lengthy, like in the case of Kalyani-Ata-Varna played by my disciple, Chi. O.Rajashakhar, I have made two parts of both Bhairavi-Svarajati and Kalyani-Ata-Varna also and uploaded the two parts of Svarajati and Varna too. Again in searching and finding suitable technology to split the respective videos into two pieces my 3rd son, Chi. A.N.Swamy helped me a lot again. Now, I have uploaded the two parts of both Svarajati and Varna to keep all the Violin-demonstrations at one place in ‘youtube.com/msakella’. The aspirants interested in listening to entire Kalyani-Ata-varna at a stretch can find it in ‘http://rapidshare.com/users/OCIF3Y. amsharma
AMS-Violin-Demo-Kalyani-Ata-Varna by O.Rajashekhar at 116 bpm-Part-1
AMS-Violin-Demo-Kalyani-Ata-Varna by O.Rajashekhar at 116 bpm-Part-2
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Post by msakella » 08 Dec 2008, 11:29

Dear brother-member, bilahari, Thank you for your sincere and detailed appreciation. I always wish that all our aspirants must become efficient, dedicated, loyal, impartial and knowledgeable teachers and also efficient performers. For this purpose only I have been struggling hard. amsharma
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Post by prabharavi79 » 31 Dec 2008, 16:41

Dear brothers and sisters of this forum, namaste to you all.

I don't know if this topic requires a new thread.

I feel it is alright to include my experience of being with Sharmaji at Hyderabad in this thread itself, based on the last conversation given by 'Gurugaru' (Sharmaji is called 'Gurugaru' by his disciples who learn music in person from him at his place and the name 'Gurugaru' suits him perfectly!).

I was there with Sharmaji for close to 2 and a half days in Hyderabad.

I was really astonished by the dedication he has towards music and the passion he has towards sharing his knowledge with his disciples.

He was there with me completely all the time all the 2 and a half days, all the time right from morning 7.30 to evening, without even taking any break for relaxing. It was me who used to go for breaks, get up and stand to relax, etc... however, he used to remain in his seat as much as possible sitting in front of me!

For all the time I was there, he used to explain a lot many things, share his experiences and was talking to me and supporting me to play and practise the required exercises without making me feel bored or depressed even though the exercises are very very strenous and tiring.

He was also very happy to repair my Violin by adjusting the sound pole and to replace my tuning key by removing one and replacing it with another small one at another suitable place so that my left index finger is free from obstructions of playing the required gamakams while playing the R1 and D1 swaras. If you watch his Violin lessons video in Youtube, you will understand what I am talking about.

Coming to the techniques and the methods which he has discovered, I should say that once we get used to those methods, it is really easy for anyone to follow and to proceed further without any guidance.

As a practical way to show that his methods are easy and reliable, he taught me only the Pallavi and only one line in Anupallavi of Natakurinji varnam on the first day of his class. The second day, he didn't even take his Violin out but made me play the entire Varnam on my own just by guiding verbally. So, I would say to every aspirant of Violin that Sharmaji's techinques work for everyone and are easy to follow. If any of you are really willing to learn Violin the proper way, please learn it from Sharmaji.

I also had the previlege of meeting Sharmaji's disciples Rajashekhar, Santhosh(the blind student, who Sharmaji has been referring to, in a few of his comments), Hemarao and Bheemasena. I also saw him teaching a few vocal students.

I would look forward to being with Sharmaji and learning from him as much as possible and ofcourse not to forget, help all those who would like to learn Sharmaji's techniques in whatever way possible.

It was great for me to be with such a learned Vidwan/Teacher yet a very simple, down to earth person who always keeps himself calm and cool with his humour. I am thankful to Sharmaji for all his support and help he gave during my stay and also would be grateful to him forever for his teachings and Violin techniques.

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Post by venkitagopala » 11 Aug 2009, 07:28

Playing the violin on stage without feedback/monitor speakers:

(Om sri gurubhyo namaha)

I recently accompanied on the violin a group of singers for a small temple concert. Mikes were provided but no feedback/monitor speakers. I found it difficult to gauge the correctness of my sruthi while accompanying. It was a little better when I was playing the alapana (since mine was the only sound produced) -- but only by a little.

I recorded the concert and on listening later, and found that my playing was not fully in sruthi. Many times, I was close to the correct note, but not perfectly on it.

Is such a difficulty in sruthi suddham common among those beginning to perform on stage? Is there any sadhakam that can be done to overcome this problem?
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Post by msakella » 11 Aug 2009, 12:47

Dear brother-member, venkitagopala, As per your post you have two problems, while one is of the improper amplification and another is of your alignment with Shruti.

Though many Vocalists may not agree with me, I, as a professional accompanist for more than 4 decades, very well tell that the Violinist has more problems with amplication in the music-concerts and he must get used to bear with any kind of amplification to become a successful accompanist. Not only while accompanying a group of vocalists but also to a single Vocalist you can very conveniently use a Violin-pick-up to have the needed level of amplification. In general, if any Violin accompanist indicates the main-vocalist to have a pick-up for his Violin in the concert the Vocalist falls off from his chair and tries his level best to obstruct the Violinst not to use the pick-up and that becomes his last concert with this Vocalist. In fact, this need not be taken that seriously by the Vocalist as, in general, the Violinists are never used to exceed their limits. In similar conditions I have used pick-up once while accompanying Shri M. Balamuralikrishna and next Shri Nedunuri Krishna Murthy to their satisfaction and that did not become the end to accompany them. Amplification is necessary to improve the sesitivity of your music but not the volume of your instrument. If you mind this and do the needful it never inconveniences the main artist. You try to do this.

Proper Shruti alignment depends upon your acquaintance with your Violin in many aspects and proper Shruti-instrument. There is much to be discussed face to face in this regard and if you speak to me to my ID ‘msakella2002’ either on Yahoo Messenger or Skype either at 7 am or at 8 pm (IST), in general, on any day, we can discuss things in detail. amsharma
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Post by venkitagopala » 11 Aug 2009, 21:36

Dear Sri Sharma Sir,

Thank you very much for your detailed response. I will contact you on skype/yahoo sometime soon.
you have two problems, while one is of the improper amplification and another is of your alignment with Shruti.
The two problems are related -- my sruthi alignment issues are more severe when on stage in front of a mike, due to lack of feedback. Even "easy" notes (that I would play in tune while practising at home) tend to become out of tune when playing in front of a mike.

Since you have had a long experience as an accompanist, I am eager to know how you were able to adapt to playing in such a "feedback-less" environment. Did you have similar problems as mine when you had started performing? In what ways does using a pick-up help in such a situation?

I have observed that even in venues with bad amplification or no monitor speaker, nearly all accompanists are able to play in tune. So probably this is a known but solvable issue.
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Post by msakella » 12 Aug 2009, 07:01

Dear brother-member, venkitagopala, Even though you look these two problems related I cannot do so as we have to find solutions to solve them differently.
I did never use pick-up for a single-artist except in those two incidents about which I have already written in my previous post. But, if the amplification is not proper, it is desirable to use pick-up only in respect of a group-singing but not in individual-singing. Many a time me too have played in tune even with very bad amplification. As per my experience, the playing Violin Shrutishuddham mostly relies upon the level of acquaintance with very strenuous and regular practice of the instrument on one hand and your level of self-confidence in playing the instrument Shrutishuddham on the other. Unless I discuss with you in person I cannot make it clear. amsharma
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Post by venkitagopala » 12 Aug 2009, 17:27

Dear Sir,

I am grateful to you for sharing your wisdom so generously. I look forward to talking with you one on one tonight. My namaskarams.
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Post by ragool » 16 Dec 2009, 18:26

Dear Sir

I am interested in learning Carnatic violin but do not have time to travel to classes. I seek your advice on whether it is appropriate for an absolute beginner to start learning only by watching your videos? I have some childhood training in guitar so handling and fingering fretboard and strings should not be the same hurdle as for a complete beginner. How do I select a good violin to buy? What is a good price for one today?

Many thanks for your guidance.

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Post by msakella » 16 Dec 2009, 20:02

Dear brother-member, Ragool, Upto some extent I have experimented upon online Violin-teaching to the aspirants already learnt upto some extent. If you are so particular in learning Karnataka-violin we must discuss things face to face to sort out things. Presently I am very busily engaged in shuffling to outstations and I shall be able to speak to you after 5th January, 2010 if you come online around 7 am or 8 pm (IST) on any day contacting my ID ‘msakella2002’ either on Yahoo Messenger or Skype.
With all best wishes, amsharma
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Post by msakella » 07 Jan 2010, 05:04

Hi all, Previously I have uploaded the video-clippings of the Violin-play of my disciple Chi. O.Rajashekhar to ‘youtube.com/msakella’ in which he played Kalyani-Ata-tala-varna in 116 bpm mostly on A2nd string to inspire the aspirants. Today I have again uploaded the video-clippings of the same person in which he played the following in 120 bpm. amsharma
01.Kalyani - Arohana & Avarohana - 1.srgm pdns rsnd pmgr 2.srgm pdns rgmp dpmg rsnd pmgr 3.srgm pdns rgmp dnsr grsn dpmg rsnd pmgr - on A2nd string.
02. As above on G4th string.
03.Kalyani - Eka-tala-alankara on A2nd string.
04.Kalyani - Rupaka-tala-alanakara on A2nd string.
05.Kalyani - Mathya-tala-alankara on A2nd sting.
06.Kalyani - Dhruva-tala-alankara on A2nd string.
07.Kalyani - Triputa-tala-alankara on A2nd string.
08.Kalyani - Ata-tala-varna - Purvanga - mostly on A2nd string.
09.Kalyani - Ata-tala-varna - Uttaranga - mostly on A2nd string.
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#165 Re: Teaching/Learning Karnataka Violin

Post by balakk » 05 Jul 2010, 09:56

Akella Sir, I saw the first 10 lessons of your Youtube classes. Eye-opening to say the least! I've been playing for a few years, but I'm afraid my technique has been all wrong - no wonder I have major trouble reaching the upper notes.

I have a question on string transitions - is there a convention that you recommend for transitioning from one string to other? I saw in one video that you recommend playing Pa in the Sa string itself, rather playing the free note on the adjacent string.

Is there a convention to follow here? For example, if I have to go up to Nishadam and then descend, is it wise to remain in the Sa string itself? I understand that with expertise, one is able to transition effortlessly without thinking. How does a beginner practice this?

once again, thanks a lot for your wonderful videos. you make it look so simple!
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#166 Re: Teaching/Learning Karnataka Violin

Post by msakella » 10 Jul 2010, 19:30

Dear brother-member, balakk, You can contact my ID, ‘msakella2002’ on Skype, and speak to me in detail to have any doubt cleared in respect of Violin-fingure-techniques. amsharma
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#167 Re: Teaching/Learning Karnataka Violin

Post by msakella » 01 Apr 2011, 20:26

Our brother-member, raguanu, took great pains in furnishing the details of my Violin recordings uploaded to youtube in a seperate sub-thread ‘Akella Mallikarjuna Sharma’s Violin Demo Videos: compilation’ to be helpful to the aspirants and I always remain thankful to him for the same. As these details are more relevant with this thread ‘Teaching/Learning Karnataka Violin’ I am re-posting them hereunder. amsharma

Carnatic Violin: Basics
Holding the violin, bow, fingering etc.


Nattakuranji, Adi: "Chalamela" - Srirangam Rangaswamy Nattuvanar

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhNWlRZO8mk Purvangam
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QWkhy8XuEs Utharangam

Kambhoji, Adi: "Taruni" - Fiddle Ponnusamy
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbt6UgfmsfA Purvangam
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxdubeVSPxg Utharangam

Darbar, Adi: "Chalamela" - Thiruvotriyur Tyagayyar
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3GxlQQm3jM Purvangam
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPUhECZHsQI Utharangam

Shankarabharanam, Adi: "Sami Ninne" - Veena Kuppiyer
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3El5BTnfatQ Purvangam
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5WVOe4UmxE Utharangam

Begada, Adi: "Inta Chalamu" - Veena Kuppiyer
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IltE7br7OyQ Purvangam
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzhDsomaKjA Utharangam

Todi, Adi: "Era Naapai" - Patnam Subramanya Iyer
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b36o4PZwkhc Purvangam
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jxo5bBYvxgw Utharangam

Saveri, Adi: "Sarasuda" - Kothavasal Venkatramaiyer
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlLxX1UDcSY Purvangam
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aX5mWO0ltFc Utharangam

Kalyani, Adi: "Vanajashiro" - Ramnad Srinivasa Iyengar
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzN6RhUxIXM Purvangam
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acur2FOl-No Utharangam

Bhairavi, Ata: "Viriboni" - Pachimiriam Adiyappaiyer
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WURIiT0K-7w Purvangam
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZrxexSQkVQ Utharangam

Swarajati, Bhairavi - Syama Sastri

Laya exercises

Student exercises demo (alankaras etc):
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#168 Re: Teaching/Learning Karnataka Violin

Post by VK RAMAN » 01 Apr 2011, 22:33

How do we differentiate between Karnataka violin and Tamil/Malayalam/Telugu violin?
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#169 Re: Teaching/Learning Karnataka Violin

Post by msakella » 02 Apr 2011, 06:55

As per my knowledge goes, most of the composers of Karnataka music have mainly composed their compositions in Telugu language irrespective of their native State and in the same manner, most of these composers, mostly living in Tamil-nadu (combined Madras State), have very carefully preserved, nourished, developed and propagated much loving the music abundantly even more valuable than their own lives. In that process they have given one kind of accent to the Karnataka music by which its flavour haunts the listeners much. The music of any Vocalist or instrumentalist devoid of this fine accent naturally becomes dull and doesn’t have the required flavour. Thus, basing upon the accent of the music produced by the artist we can vary easily differentiate his/her nativity. amsharma
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#170 Re: Teaching/Learning Karnataka Violin

Post by msakella » 28 Apr 2011, 04:20

Youtube-video-links of some Violin-playing-exercises are furnished hereunder for the benefit of the aspirants. amsharma

01 AMS Violin Demo Kalyani 3 kinds of Arohana & Avarohana on A2nd string at 120 bpm by O.Rajashekhar

02 AMS Violin Demo Kalyani 3 kinds of Arohana & Avarohana on G4th string at 120 bpm by O.Rajashekhar

03.AMS-Violin-Demo-Kalyani-Eka-tala-alankara at 120 bpm by O.Rajashekhar.MOV

04.AMS-Violin-Demo-Kalyani-Rupaka-tala-alankara at 120 bpm by O.Rajashekhar.MOV

05.AMS-Violin-Demo-Kalyani-Mathya-tala-alankara at 120 bpm by O.Rajashekhar.MOV

06.AMS-Violin-Demo-Kalyani-Dhruva-tala-alankara at 120 bpm by O.Rajashekhar.MOV

07.AMS-Violin-Demo-Kalyani-Triputa-tala-alankara at 120 bpm by O.Rajashekhar

08.AMS-Violin-Demo-Kalyani-Ata-Varna-Purvanga at 120 bpm by O.Rajashekhar

09.AMS-Violin-Demo-Kalyani-Ata-Varna-Uttaranga at 120 bpm by O.Rajashekhar

10.AMS-Violin-Demo-Kalyani-Ata-Varna by O Rajashekhar at 116 bpm-Part-1

11.AMS-Violin-Demo-Kalyani-Ata-Varna by O Rajashekhar at 116 bpm-Part-2
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#171 Re: Teaching/Learning Karnataka Violin

Post by dukepayen » 14 Oct 2012, 17:15

Bindu Subramaniam Dean Singer/Songwriter Bindu Subramaniam is the daughter of world famous violinist Dr. L Subramaniam. In addition to studying carnatic music, she has also learnt western classical singing and piano. Violin Hari teaches carnatic violin at SaPa. Since 2005 he has been learning carnatic violin and music theory from Dr. L Subramaniam. Hari is also a writer, translator, designer and polyglot.
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#172 Re: Teaching/Learning Karnataka Violin

Post by msakella » 15 Oct 2012, 07:08

Dear brother/sister-member, dukepayen, It would have been more relevant, apt and nice had you uploaded the videos of any of the persons mentioned in your post successfully playing the Kalyani-Ata-tala-Varna on Violin mostly on a single-string just like my disciple played in the item Nos. 8 & 9 mentioed above and furnished the respective URLs in your post. amsharma
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#173 Re: Teaching/Learning Karnataka Violin

Post by msakella » 29 Jul 2013, 11:00

Hi all, In the post 167 of this thread the URL links of 9 videos pertaining to Violin basics are furnished previously. But, recently the 4th one of them is found some modification and, now, this has been modified and replaced and the respective URL is http://youtu.be/1o20nTIAjlw. amsharma
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#174 Re: Teaching/Learning Karnataka Violin

Post by msakella » 29 Jul 2013, 16:07

Hi, all. While there are two kinds of styles, Gayaki and Vadaki styles, in HIndusthani music, in our Karnataka music, in general, even the instrumentalists follow the vocal-style of playing their instruments to maintain the continuity of sound. In this process, the trinity of our legendry Violinists, M.S.Gopalakrishnan, Lalgudi G.Jayaraman and M.Chandrashekharan, has very efficiently elevated the Violin-play to unparelled heights introducing novel kinds of finger-techniques of their own. Thus, in one way, the year 2012 could very aptly be declared as the golden period in respect of Violin-play of the world music

All these legendry Violinists have very busily been engaged always in increasing their abilities in bringing out the best music or the best compositions or the best playing techniques of their instruments in the process of their self aggrandizement. But, most unfortunately and vary sadly, even though we already have umpteen famous music-organisations and the amazing video-facility is also plentily available since a long time much of their playing techniques of Violin have already been lost by not preserving the videos of them for the educational purpose for the posterity. Even though we have plenty of stalwarts and each one of them performs hundreds of performances and gives lengthy lectures not only in our country but also abroad about different aspects of music very highly, most unfortunately, they all are reluctant to discuss about the methods in teaching in quickening its process utilizing the modern gadgets like CDs or DVDs or mp3 players for the benefit of our kids and their parents in saving their time, energy and money.

As most of the musicians are mainly performers but not truly efficient, honest and reliable teachers and even though I have also not been taught the violin-play in a disciplined manner I had to work as a Violin-teacher for much of my life. In the absence of such reliable Violin-teachers I had to depend only upon the occasional conerts of the great Violinists to see their playing techniques and to experiment them on my own students in turn to learn different lessons in the methods of teaching from them to follow later. Thus, there is no exaggeration if I tell that, in this process, my students only have ultimately become my true teachers.

As any evolution takes its own pace and time, it almost took for more than 30 years to finalise the different finger-techniques to be followed in shaping an aspirant efficient and reliable Violin-accompanist (not soloist) while making the process of either teaching or learning ‘practical-oriented, time-bound and result-oriented’. In this method of teaching the Varnas having different combinations of notes play a very crucial role. I ultimately found that each and every Varna has a logical and well-disciplined way of finger-technique to be followed and that is why I have myself played all these 9 Varnas making them videoed mainly focusing upon the finger-trechniques only and uploaded them long ago to ‘youtube’ for free utilization of the aspirants. Later, to train a blind candidate I have formulated some modern finger-techniques to be practiced both without bow and with bow and he practiced all these exercises for 2 months and could play all these Varnas efficiently within a short span of hardly 10 days by successfully following them. Two years back I have also started initiating an USA based 6 years-old kid, Chi.Nandikeshwaran twice a week by Skype and within a span of hardly 2 years, now, he is able to play not only all these Varnas in full @ 4, 6 & 8-units but also brief Ragalapana and intricate mathematical Svarakalpana for few Kirtanas efficiently.

To be helpful to the aspirants, with an entirely different perspective of passing on these invaluable teaching techniques to the aspirants, I have already uploaded some of these finger techniques long ago in 9 videos under the caption ‘AMS-Violin-lessons’ of ‘youtube.com/user/msakella’. But, now, at this fag of end of my life, even though my physical condition is not allowing me to make videos of all these varieties, I, however, have ventured to make videos of some of them and also to upload them to youtube for free utilization of the aspirants.

In respect of the finger-techniques involved, while mainly only two fingers, pointing and middle-fingers of the left hand, act efficiently in pulling the strings of the Veena, in Violin, all the five fingers of the left hand have to act efficiently moving up and down with a perfect co-ordination among them. Some of these finger-techniques are uploaded now. It is always desirable to practice each one of them continuously for more than 2 or 3 minutes each time vigorously and also in different speeds both without bow and with bow. It is very important to note that moving the fingers of the left-hand up and down in a disciplined way helps the aspirant a lot in getting much co-ordination among these fingers in playing Gamakas efficiently.

For example in the variety ’01.r - g - r - m - g - m - g - m’ the aspirant has to practice this combination not only with both the varieties of Rishabha, Gandhara and Madhyama amounting to 2 x 2 x 2 = 8 varieties but also in different speeds. More over, the aspirant has to practice not only ‘r - g - r - m - g - m - g - m’ but also ‘r - g - r - m - g - m’ and ‘r - m - g - m’ making the combination into segments. This applies to all the respective combinations furnished hereunder. Some of these combinations are furnished hereunder and basing upon the different combinations of notes the aspirant has to to formulate such different combinations for the regular practice.

01. r-g-r-m-g-m-g-m (01.a & b) - http://youtu.be/RKBzke42lZE & http://youtu.be/GA1LMkBF5-s
02. r-g-r-p-m-p-m-p (02.a & b) - http://youtu.be/WrwuNwE54Eg & http://youtu.be/nqXzQ6uslkU
03. r-g-r-d-p-d-p-d (03) - http://youtu.be/IWrLsla2Qfg
04. r-g-r-n-d-n-d-n (04) - http://youtu.be/Knq_FcJtBQI
05. r-g-r-s-n-s-n-s (05) - http://youtu.be/7Je0eKx8qtU
06. r-r-p-m-r-r-p-m (06) - http://youtu.be/5zclFhy79M4
07. r-r-d-p-r-r-d-p (07) - http://youtu.be/2qLpr5v_jnI
08. r-r-n-d-r-r-n-d
09. r-r-s-n-r-r-s-n
10. g-m-g-p-m-p-m-p
11. g-m-g-d-m-d-m-d
12. g-m-g-d-p-d-p-d
13. g-m-g-n-d-n-d-n
14. g-m-g-s-n-s-n-s
15. g-g-p-m-g-g-p-m (08) - http://youtu.be/cIOunRuULsw
16. g-g-d-p-g-g-d-p
17. g-g-n-d-g-g-n-d (09.a & b) - http://youtu.be/ev1t_ODyY_o & http://youtu.be/_eAKYa4cpzQ
18. g-g-s-n-g-g-s-n
19. m-p-m-d-p-d-p-d (10) - http://youtu.be/pkDMaUiK4TE
20. m-p-m-n-d-n-d-n
21. m-p-m-s-n-s-n-s
22. m-m-d-p-m-m-d-p (11) - http://youtu.be/vS3HQcYfzrw
23. m-m-n-d-m-m-n-d
24. m-m-s-n-m-m-s-n (12) - http://youtu.be/YYsAnOTHfT4
25. p-d-p-n-d-n-d-n
26. p-d-p-s-n-s-n-s
27. p-d-p-r-s-r-s-r
28. p-n-p-g-r-g-r-g (13) - http://youtu.be/D31SjcKxEeo
29. p-d-p-m-g-m-g-m
30. p-d-p-p-m-p-m-p
31. d-d-r-s-d-d-r-s (14) - http://youtu.be/gLaJiB84s60
32. d-d-g-r-d-d-g-r (15) - http://youtu.be/-7Stu_Umklk
33. d-d-m-g-d-d-m-g
34. d-d-p-m-d-d-p-m
35. n-n-g-r-n-n-g-r
36. n-n-m-g-n-n-m-g
37. n-n-p-m-n-n-p-m
38. s-r-s-g-r-g-r-g
39. s-r-s-m-g-m-g-m
40. s-r-s-p-m-p-m-p (16) - http://youtu.be/qC_ul1t6SGA
41. s-s-g-r-s-s-g-r
42. s-s-m-g-s-s-m-g
43. s-s-p-m-s-s-p-m

Among the above the numbers furnished in the right extreme are the serial numbers along with their respective URLs of the respective video-files uploaded to the ‘youtube’. amsharma
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#175 Re: Teaching/Learning Karnataka Violin

Post by msakella » 31 Jul 2013, 12:36

Hi all, Today I have uploaded four Violin-videos played by the 8-year old kid Chi. Nandikeshwaran to the playlist ‘AMS-Kids’ singing or playing Varnas and Kritis’ of ‘youtube’. He, being a resident of US, on his recent visit to India gave a 45 mts. mini-concert on 14-07-2013 at Hyderabad under the auspices of our ‘Sampradaya’.

He had started learning Karnataka Vocal from 01-06-2011 from me and later, having some acquaintance with Western system of Violin-play, started learning Karnataka Violin from 14-10-2011 twice a week on Skype. As his father also had learnt vocal music he had helped him in many ways in his learning. In which way I have already quickened the process of learning Vocal I have also made umpteen experiments and brought out some novel finger-techniques in intiating the kids in learning this instrument. I have initiated him in playing these finger-techniques both without bow and with bow and within the span of hardly 2 years, now, he is able to play both the Purvanga and Uttaranga of all the 9-Varnas @ 4, 6 & 8-notes and Kritis in all the 6 popular Talas along with brief Ragalapana and intricate mathematical Svarakalpana. The items of the concert along with their respective URLs are funished hereunder. amsharma

01.Eranapai-Todi-Adi-Varnam- http://youtu.be/-BJPCU-ygWw
02.Gam Ganapathe-Hamsadhwani-Trisra Adi- http://youtu.be/HPfFLEup9MU
03.Evarura-Mohana-Chapu- http://youtu.be/BsBpxb0ZQak
04.English Note- http://youtu.be/6teCJ_l0aWs
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