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MKR Milestone and some wonderful old pictures

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Re: MKR Milestone and some wonderful old pictures

Post by cmlover » 09 May 2014, 23:47

Thanks Mahesh for letting us participate in a momentous occasion in MKR's life.
The pictures add colour to his musical journey as it brings us fond recollections.
MKR has briefly described his wedding in his memoirs at this Forum.
Now we get a visual treat. Thanks again and wish him many more years of wedded bliss!

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Re: MKR Milestone and some wonderful old pictures

Post by rajeshnat » 10 May 2014, 10:33

rasaali wrote:Dear MKR Mama, Nirmala Mami,

Hearty congratulations on the wonderful occasion. Wishing you a lot of good health, music, happiness and 50+ more years together! Seeking your blessings too.

Dear Maheshram,

What a lovely tribute with wonderful! I am a nephew and disciple of Sri Kovai Dakshinamurthy. He is my father's first cousin. His father TK Balaganesa Iyer was my Chinna-thata.

I met your parents in 2010 at NY Shrutilayaa and they had mentioned about this wedding concert back then. I recall MKR Mama mentioning that this was perhaps the first time Sri BDM had played for Sri SSI and it happened due to the request of your family to have Sri SSI encourage the (then) young upcoming family friend of theirs. How fortunate I am to see the photo today! I will forward this post to my Guru's family.

KVS Vinay

PS: You are not the first one to add Pillai to BDM's name. Helps that it matches the name of the kanjira legend! On a lighter once I was announced as disciple of Kovai Dakshinamurthy Pillai, an the main artiste quipped "Avar Dakshinamurthy, ivan thaan avar-oda pillai". :)
Was TK Jayarama Iyer violinist elder brother of TK Balaganesa iyer (I am assuming they are paternal cousin) . I never knew your chinna tatha at all , perhaps he got eclipsed by the flute mali magic which is what i heard in general when mali was playing .

Who was the main artist who wonderfully quipped "Avar Dakshinamurthy, ivan thaan avar-oda pillai". Was that TRS or DKJ . I guess apart from kanjira legend we also have a yazhpanam dakshinamoorthy pillai they say he is the PMI of thavil.

I hope MKR is ok with the detour , he would not mind as he is a master of detour. :-*

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Re: MKR Milestone and some wonderful old pictures

Post by Ramasubramanian M.K » 10 May 2014, 22:26

Rajeshnat: Yr comments about detour--I do not mind at all--afterall given the exposure I have had over 60 years with Music celebrities,it is inevitable that a main story gets side-tracked by sub plots(like the KALKI style)--as I have written before Mudikindan Venkatrama Iyer was a past master--TKM likewise is a great raconteur prone to digression and when he narrates an incident with his characteristic impish humor he could getaway with outrageous remarks but none of the seniors would mind!!

Back to my wedding pics there was a pic--unique in the sense showing Semmangudi Mami listening to her husband's concert--even the SSI family does not have a pic-- the B and W pics--although carefully preserved by my wife have "aged"--will try to resurrect some of them and post it!! In the concert itself,SSI spends lots of time gently admonishing the audience to keep silent--In Coimbatore or for that matter any town in Tamil Nadu--wedding concerts tend to be noisy affairs-- his lament in Tamil "Engallukkellam romba Vayasu aachu--chitta neram amaidiyai irundu kettel anal engalai gaurava padittina madiri irukkum"(we are all old artistes--nt Kobai Dakshinamurthy!!--if you can keep quiet for a few moments and listen to the concert I will regard it as honoring me!!)--needless to say the "appeal" fell on deaf ears!!!
I would like to hear young forumites who may have developed close relationships with the likes of Ravi Kiran,TMK,Sanjay,Sudha,BJ,Sowmya et al to describe their experiences --hosting them,driving them around especially overseas. I am sure the younger musicians have no less fascinating tales to narrate. It might give us all perspective.
I myself have found it difficult(except with Ravi Kiran) to get "close enough" to these stars to understand what motivates them and their observations about life,events,people etc which the Seniors I had been exposed to freely shared experiences----(although in many of these occasions I was more a "fly-in-the-wall" rather than a "cackling geese"
I concede however with the multiplicity of media hungry for sensational content,that the present day musicians may be reticent lest an innocent remark spark needless controversies. In fairness if the "Seniors" whose stories I write about--had they been alive I would have been Persona Non Grata by now!!
Notwithstanding the above I still would like to know what the rasikas think of these artistes(not their music) just to add perspective to our narratives.

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Re: MKR Milestone and some wonderful old pictures

Post by uday_shankar » 19 May 2014, 01:46

MKR sir
A belated congratulations (I was away on vacation after Cleveland and a bit sporadic on following rasikas) and best wishes ! It was a pleasure meeting Smt. Nirmala in Cleveland. One day soon I will follow up on my threat to visit you in Flushing. When hanging out with you, unfortunately not enough in Cleveland due to my very brief appearances during breaks from work in nearby Pittsburgh, the passage of time is never noticeable. There's always the excellent singing, interspersed with priceless anecdotes and recollections. Perhaps a new resolution for you could be to give a Katcheri at Clevaland ? What say ?

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Re: MKR Milestone and some wonderful old pictures

Post by jayaraman » 03 Jan 2017, 05:34

dear shri.MKR, to day I happened to see the posting by your son Shri.mahesh.

our humble greetings ( late of course) to you.



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Re: MKR Milestone and some wonderful old pictures

Post by Ramasubramanian M.K » 26 Jan 2017, 09:40


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